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Gordon Ramsay insulted school lunch cheesy breadsticks and Americans are pissed


Americans aren't proud of their school lunches, but do not mess with cheesy breadsticks. Celebrity chef and reality TV star Gordon Ramsay is well known for being vocal about his opinions on food. His brash and outspoken criticism is his schtick, and he's basically turned his Twitter feed into an all-out war on crappy food pics. The jokey tweets have got Ramsay in trouble in the past, and this time he basically insulted anyone that has ever eaten school lunch at a public school in America. A common school lunch in the US is basically a bunch of bread filled with cheese.

3 things you can do to stop student lunch shaming


Over the past three years, school cafeterias have become an unlikely site of controversy. The problem of school lunch debt, or the debt students acquire when they cannot pay for their school lunches, drew national attention back in 2015 when a Colorado cafeteria worker was fired for giving food away to hungry students who didn't qualify for a free or reduced lunch. The same thing has happened to cafeteria workers elsewhere. When a student repeatedly forgets their lunch money or cannot afford their meal, cafeteria workers may be instructed to take away the child's hot meal and replace it with a cold sandwich. This is one example of what's called "school lunch shaming."

Mums' anger at 12-minute school lunchtime

BBC News

It's common wisdom that young children need plenty of time to snack, eat, run around and play every day. But when Brindi Matava visited her five-year-old daughter's school in Kent, Washington, on Tuesday she was shocked to see children given just 12 minutes to eat their lunch. "It was heartbreaking to watch and I left crying," Mrs Matava, 27, told the BBC. "I had been curious why she was coming home with a full lunchbox." A spokesperson for the Kent School District told the BBC that children got 20 minutes for lunch and 15 minutes for play but that when Mrs Matava visited time had been cut short: "This can happen when classes arrive late to the lunch room or another class takes longer to clean up."

Florida man pays off school lunch debt for entire town: 'Children shouldn't learn hungry'

FOX News

Check out what's clicking on A Florida man decided to surprise his community by paying off the lunch debt of every child in their town, Jupiter, but the good news doesn't stop there. When Andrew Levy found out more than 400 students in his area were unable to receive a full meal because they couldn't afford to pay for school lunches, he stepped up to the plate. Food is something you shouldn't have to think about," Levy told WPEC. Levy paid $944.34 to cover nine local schools' lunch debt, something he said was a modest price to pay to make a difference for each child.