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Oracle unveiled on Monday its initial autonomous database cloud that comes powered by Oracle Database 18c. It uses machine learning to enable automation that eliminates human labor, human error and manual tuning, to enable improved availability, high performance and security at a much lower cost. Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud is a next-generation cloud service built on the self-driving Oracle Autonomous Database technology using machine learning to deliver enhanced performance, reliability and ease of deployment for data warehouses. As an autonomous cloud service, it eliminates error-prone manual management tasks and frees up DBA resources, which can now be applied to implementing more strategic business projects. The Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud eliminates the human labor associated with tuning, patching, updating and maintaining the database and includes self-driving that provides continuous adaptive performance tuning based on machine learning.

Webinar: Oracle Autonomous Cloud, Today and Tomorrow


He previously led the Business Development teams for Oracle Database and Data Integration in EMEA, launching Oracle Database 12c and overseeing the substantial market growth of products such as GoldenGate. Duncan has over 20 years of business technology experience and has delivered various DBA, architecture, support and development roles in a number of Finance and Media end-user organizations. He has held management positions within Siebel, GoldenGate and Oracle. Duncan has an honours degree in Information Technology together with a technology focused MBA.

Larry Ellison On The Main Reason You Need An 'Autonomous Cloud'--Data Security


SAN FRANCISCO--Oracle Chairman and CTO Larry Ellison laid out his vision for the "world's first truly autonomous cloud," a vision that takes the concept behind trends such as self-driving cars and planes and applies it to cloud computing. The result is Oracle database, infrastructure, and other IT services that are more secure, reliable, flexible, and cost-efficient than competing cloud services. During his opening keynote at Oracle OpenWorld on September 16, Ellison explained how the most important benefits from autonomous systems will come from eliminating human errors. In cars, eliminating such errors avoids accidents, he said. In technology, it eliminates common user errors that expose data to hackers.

OracleVoice: What's Next In Autonomous Cloud Services: Analytics, Integration, And Development

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"Why doesn't software manage itself?" That's the question his team asked about seven years ago, Oracle president Thomas Kurian told journalists at a recent briefing at the company's headquarters in Redwood Shores, California. In 2018, the answer is now "It does," in the form of Oracle's autonomous cloud services. Earlier this year, Oracle launched the world's first autonomous data warehouse and pledged to add self-driving, self-securing, and self-repairing capabilities across its cloud platform services. Now, three more autonomous services have come on line: Oracle Autonomous Analytics Cloud, Oracle Autonomous Integration Cloud, and Oracle Autonomous Visual Builder Cloud.

Oracle expands its autonomous technology across its cloud platform


Oracle said that it will expand the machine learning and autonomous capabilities in its Autonomous Database to its broader platform-as-a-service offerings.