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Timeline: War, famine and failed talks in Yemen

Al Jazeera

Ali Abdullah Saleh, the ousted Yemeni leader, has been killed by Houthi rebels near the country's capital Sanaa, according to officials from his own political party.

Yemen's Houthis say Saudi oil facility hit in overnight attack

Al Jazeera

Yemen's Houthi rebels say they have attacked a large oil facility in an industrial complex south of the Saudi Arabian city of Jizan as part of an overnight operation. The Saudi-led military coalition fighting the Houthis said on Monday it intercepted and destroyed four missiles and six bomb-laden drones launched by Houthi rebels towards the kingdom. The missiles and drones were launched from Yemen's capital Sanaa and directed at civilian targets, coalition spokesman Turki al-Malki said in a statement carried by the official Saudi Press Agency. The Houthi rebels claim they also killed and injured dozens of ranking military officers in Saudi Arabia. The Houthis' military spokesman, Yahya Sarea, confirmed in a statement that the rebel group had launched attacks on Saudi military sites.

Middle East Conflict: Why Is Saudi Arabia Attacking Yemen? Important Questions Surround Houthis And Civil War In Sana'a

International Business Times

Yemen's Houthi rebel movement announced Wednesday it wanted to end the country's 20-month war and form a unity government with loyalists of exiled, Saudi-backed President Abbed Rabbo Hadi's administration. The deal, which was brokered by Secretary of State John Kerry, is the country's latest hope for solving the conflict that has killed over 10,000, left over 3 million displaced and cost more than $14 billion in economic losses, in one of the world's worst humanitarian crises. Yemeni Foreign Minister Abdel Malek al-Mekhlefi has already refused the truce, claiming Hadi's government was left out of talks, raising concerns the bloodshed will continue. As the world remains fixated on conflicts in Syria and Iraq, the war in Yemen has gone largely under the radar. How did the war in Yemen start?

Saudi-led coalition airstrikes hit Yemen rebels after Houthi missile targets Riyadh; at least 11 civilians believed killed

The Japan Times

SANAA – The Saudi-led coalition carried out a string of air raids Wednesday in Yemen, killing 11 civilians in the Houthi stronghold of Saada a day after the rebels fired a missile at Riyadh, a tribal chief and witnesses said.