"The Excellent Convergence" or How ML/DL is Disrupting Sensor Structure


On Wednesday evening, we experienced the Paris Machine Discovering meetup. It was, shall we say, abnormal and eventful. Because of the flu, two of our speakers could not make it and we experienced to scramble to place additional shows in the plan in short get. I rapidily place alongside one another 1 presentation that summarized some of my present-day views about sensor/hardware layout. Because the meetup was eventful, I made the decision that right after 3 hrs, we genuinely needed to go take in and be merry and shelved that presentation.

Sick day? Not for bees! The insects remain excellent workers, even when they're feeling ill

Daily Mail - Science & tech

When you're not feeling well, it can be difficult to focus at work. But it appears that unlike humans, bees may be able to perform just as well, even if they are ill. New research has shown that honeybees remain excellent searchers when they are sick, allowing them to continue working for the greater good of their hives. The study shows that even very sick bees are still able to search their surroundings optimally in Lévy flight patterns. Lévy search patterns are a natural mathematical pattern found across the animal kingdom, including in early human hunter-gathers, and describe certain movements like stalking for prey or searching for mates.

Apple and James' Excellent Adventure

Huffington Post - Tech news and opinion

I want to believe in a future that is less Ready Player One and more Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure. So I talked with Dave about the details of what happened, answering his questions thoroughly. He's looking into the issue, and I'll be sure to post an update if or when we make any progress. At the moment, I've been using Swinsian as an iTunes alternative, and so far I'm really pleased with how smoothly and intuitively it operates.

Samsung fitness tracker an excellent Fit

Boston Herald

Samsung's latest fitness tracking wristband features a 1.5-inch curved Super AMOLED touchscreen, 512 MB of RAM and 4 GB of storage. Compatible with devices running Android 4.4 or higher, the Fit2 is water resistant, comes in two sizes and is offered in colors such as pink, blue or black. The good: This is a true fitness tracker, but with all the benefits of a smartwatch and none of the extras that you pay for but don't use (E'hem, Apple Watch). It wears comfortably and the heart rate and fitness data is more accurate than the Apple Watch. The bad: The way apps are managed is not ideal.

Old Apple computers make excellent plant pots


What should you do with old Apple hardware? Keep it and maintain it as the company intended, old software and all? Or maybe donate it to a museum, where fellow fans can gaze at its chunky keys and adorably low-res display longingly? Christophe Guinet, also known as'Monsieur Plant,' has another idea. For his latest project, Plant Your Mac!, the Parisian artist has converted some classic Apple products into tiny gardens.