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Google brings its visual assistant to Android devices with Google Assistant


Google said it is rolling out its visual assistant, which brings ups information as well as ways to interact with apps with a Google Assistant voice request in a full-screen experience, to Android phones this summer. When an Android user makes a query through Google Assistant, Google will provide a more interactive visual experience on the phone. That includes ways to interact with smart home products, like thermostats, or interacting directly with apps like the Starbucks app. Google's visual assistant is coming to iOS devices this year. You can make a voice query such as "what is the temperature right now," and a display shows up with a way to change the temperature.

Our tryst with revolutionary new technology(s) Teclus


These two fields of massive innovation will generate more jobs in the coming 2 decades than anything else as they will become our necessity. The counter-narrative is- how good are these new technologies for us? Will AI replace humans and bots will take over? Will we see bots dictating our 24 hours to keep us healthy and safe? Or will they overpower us, even in thinking?

How Leveraging Location Data Can Help Prepare for the AI-First World


Google announced some exciting hardware releases at its #MadeByGoogle event this week, and at these products' core is software that is increasingly focused on machine learning and artificial intelligence. Recently, Google has made strides at becoming an AI-first organization and immersing virtual reality into users' daily lives; marketers should take note of Google's movement in order to begin fully leveraging their location data today. Artificial Intelligence Consumers expect answers to their questions and accurate, locally-relevant results from their mobile devices and personal assistants. CEO Sundar Pichai predicted that the world will move from being mobile-first to AI-first in the near future. Google is acutely aware of the need for a personalized user experience, which is why the goal is to "build a personal Google for each and every user."

The Future Of Search Revolution


Gone are the days when we had to browse through an encyclopedia to obtain information. Search engines–a phenomenon that surfaced in the late nineties–took the information searching to another level. The advent and rapid proliferation of Google search engine revolutionized the way information is searched, aggregated, and propagated. In fact, Google became a household name in no time–'Google it out' soon got assimilated in everyone's vocabulary. Today, the search revolution is underway with more sophistication and is corroborated by emerging technology trends such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning.