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Apple hires Tesla exec for secret project: report

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An iPhone is connected to a 2016 Chevrolet Malibu equipped with Apple CarPlay apps, displayed on the car's MyLink screen. With 220 million Internet connected cars expected to be on the roads within five years, a national security expert on Tuesday, April 12, 2016, urged automakers to be mindful of the growing cyber-security threats posed by terrorists, information crooks and spies who could potentially try to hack into wired vehicles. SAN FRANCISCO - Apple is either well on its way to developing some sort of automobile or else is simply hiring top car talent for no apparent reason. That's the conclusion increasingly being draw by the talent war being waged between Apple and Tesla in particular, two Silicon Valley neighbors and potentially product rivals. The latest salvo is the news that a former Tesla vice president of vehicle engineering Chris Porritt, who made his name guiding some of Aston Martin's most elegant roadsters, has joined Apple in a senior position, according to a report Tuesday in sister publications 9to5Mac and Electrek.

Apple's Next Huge Project Has Been Delayed

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The Apple Car doesn't even technically exist, but it's already been delayed, according to a new report. In a look at brothers working on Apple's ultra-secret car project said to be called Project Titan, technology site The Information revealed that Apple has delayed its vehicle to 2021. Several rumors have claimed Apple had planned a 2020 launch for Apple Car, but The Information's sources say that the project has "run into challenges," and that a person who had worked on the Project Titan team confirmed Apple has pushed back its target launch from 2020 to 2021. Over the last couple of years, reports have surfaced saying Apple is working on an electric car that could come with self-driving features. While the company itself hasn't acknowledged those claims, Apple CEO Tim Cook has been coy when talk of an Apple Car has popped up, leaks have come fast and furious from the Project Titan team, and Tesla CEO Elon Musk has described Apple's car project as the "worst-kept secret" in Silicon Valley.

Apple hires former Tesla engineering boss for 'special projects'

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Tesla CEO Elon Musk calls Apple'the Tesla Graveyard', because those who leave the car maker usually end up at the iPhone maker. Now, it has been confirmed that the software giant has recently snatched up one another of their top executives. Chris Porritt, Tesla's former vice president of vehicle engineer, reportedly joined Apple to work on'special projects' - believed to be the firm's electric car. Chris Porritt, Tesla's former vice president of vehicle engineer, reportedly joined Apple to work on'special projects', which is also known as'Project Titan' – the firms electric car This announcement follows four months after news spread about Steve Zadesky, the alleged leader of Project Titan, leaving Apple. But according to sources involved in this matter at Apple, Porritt will be joining the team as'special projects group PD administrator', reports Electrek who confirmed the new Apple hire.

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Tesla opens 'Project Loveday' contest for fan-made ads


Thank you for the lovely letter. That sounds like a great idea. The contest is open through May 8th, so you have some time to figure out your pitch, however before diving into the production you may want to check the prize list. Matching Bria's suggestion in her original letter, the top 10 submissions can expect to be featured on the company's social media channels. The Grand Prize winner will get a trip to an unspecified Tesla Product launch in the future and...that appears to be it.