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Google has turned Las Vegas into a Google ad for CES 2018


If you live and/or work in the Las Vegas area you're probably accustomed to seeing plenty of strange things. When CES rolls around, that means a city packed with tech nerds and executives set against a backdrop of over-the-top branding. Google hasn't had a massive presence at CES, historically speaking, but this year appears to be a whole lot different, and the company is painting Vegas white.

Google's Nest Audio speaker revealed early by Walmart


One of the products Google is expected to unveil at its September 30th event is a Nest Audio speaker. You don't have to wait until that day to confirm that it does indeed have a Nest branding and to see what its packaging looks like, though: Twitter user Marcos Frausto has posted photos of the device's box, which was prematurely displayed in a Walmart. As 9to5Google notes, the box, which looks like most Made by Google product packaging, confirms that the product is named Nest Audio. This leak comes after Google itself gave the publication an official photo of the speaker and after WinFuture found renders of the device in white and charcoal. Clearly, the tech giant doesn't have a lot of secrets to divulge about the speaker on the 30th anymore.

Best of CES 2018: The one company vital to gaming, self-driving cars, and AI


Quartz's time at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas has come to a close, and we've reflected on a week of being inundated with gadgets, technology, and pitches.

Google Assistant saves the day in classic movie-themed Oscars ads


Just as mobile phones would've saved a lot of trouble in Seinfeld, Google's Assistant would've been a saviour in so many classic films. That's the subject of the tech giant's new ad for its voice-activated assistant, which aired during the 2019 Oscars on Sunday night. In the ads, Google Assistant steps in for HAL in 2001: A Space Odyssey, and helps Marion Crane avoid the motel in Psycho. In Scream, Drew Barrymore uses a Nest camera to ward off Ghostface, while Lyft is used to get out of an annoying situation in Lady Bird. It's not the first time Google Assistant has inserted itself into the canon of popular films, with its Home Alone crossover going down a particular treat during the holidays.

There's a really good reason why stars are wearing blue ribbons at the Oscars


There is no way the 89th annual Academy Awards was not going to get political. Some actors and actresses kicked things off before the show even began on Sunday night by wearing blue ribbons attached to tuxes and gowns while they strode upon the red carpet on their way into the event. SEE ALSO: The Oscars movies get'Honest Trailer' treatment The blue ribbons donned by those at the Oscars are meant to show support for the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), the national non-profit legal organization defending individual liberties and rights. Yes, blue ribbons represent ACLU. Let us know who you spot wearing them!