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In light of the recent WannaCry and "NotPetya" global ransomware attacks, India is looking to strike a deal with Microsoft that would reduce the cost of its Windows 10 operating system by more than 75 percent. Around 96 percent of the computers used in India run on Windows, but because of the costs of software upgrades, many users stick with older versions or use pirated software that doesn't receive security patches. His team also worked with banks to make sure that ATMs running on Windows software were upgraded with Microsoft's security patch. That along with concerted efforts to switch to newer Microsoft software reduced NotPetya's impact in the country this week.

Windows 10 Is Getting Smarter, Easier Security Controls

Forbes - Tech

Windows 10 is loaded with features that are designed to keep your computer secure and your data safe. The trouble is that there are so many that it can be tricky to keep tabs on all of them, especially if you don't know where to look. Some were moved into the new, Modern settings app, while others are still buried in the legacy Control Panel -- but they won't be for much longer. Microsoft is going to make Windows 10 security settings much easier to manage. The Windows 10 Creators Update is due to arrive in April, and when you get it, you'll have access to a brand new dashboard that puts everything in one location.

Severe 7-Zip vulnerabilities cause top security, software tools patch panic


Researchers have discovered that 7-Zip harbours a number of severe security flaws which has left developers which implement the software rushing to fix holes in their own products. Not only is 7-Zip used by thousands of consumers, but a number of technology companies and developers also implement the system in their own tools and software. As we've found with the recent ImageMagick flaw, if a backbone piece of software contains severe security vulnerabilities, the implications of the issue can go beyond just the software itself and impact any websites, systems or other solutions which rely on the vulnerable tool. Marcin Noga, a senior research engineer with Cisco's Security Intelligence and Research Group, Talos, recently discovered a number of issues with 7-Zip. In a blog post, the security firm said two major vulnerabilities are contained within 7-Zip libraries which may also impact "security devices or antivirus products," among other software.