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MMI : Exponential Ventures and Startupbootcamp InsurTech partner up for the 2016 FastTrack tour to South Africa 4-Traders


Startupbootcamp InsurTech has announced that the FastTrack tour will be coming to Cape Town on 11 October and Johannesburg on 13 October 2016. Exponential Ventures, the innovation unit of JSE listed financial services group, MMI Holdings, partners with Europe's leading accelerator programme to showcase South Africa's entrepreneurial talent in the global market FastTracks are open to innovative early stage startups specialising in insurance related areas: virtual and augmented reality; Blockchain; artificial intelligence and machine learning; Internet of Things and wearables; drones and robots; cyber security; data analysis and big data; life science and genome; MedTech and digital health; and customer experience. Exponential Ventures, the disruptive innovation unit of JSE listed company, MMI Holdings, has continued with its relentless pursuit of innovation by becoming an investor partner in the insurance incubator programme, Startupbootcamp InsurTech managed by Startupbootcamp a leading international startup accelerator. Startupbootcamp InsurTech has announced that the FastTrack tour will be coming to Cape Town on 11 October and Johannesburg on 13 October 2016. FastTrack days (or pitch days) are sessions where startups are given an opportunity to present their insurance related business idea to the Startupbootcamp InsurTech team and industry experts.

Activities / Events Machine Intelligence Institute of Africa


The SA Innovation Summit as an annual flagship event on the South African Innovation Calendar, is a platform for nurturing, developing and showcasing African innovation, as well as facilitating innovation thought-leadership. Created to support and promote innovation and facilitate collaboration within its own eco-system, the initiative brings together corporates, thought leaders, inventors, entrepreneurs, academia and policy makers to amplify South Africa's renowned competitive edge and to inspire sustained economic growth across the continent of Africa. The outcomes achieved by the Summit, is a powerful platform to bring together thought leaders and accelerate innovation in South Africa, and into the African continent as whole. MIIA ill also be represented at the South African Innovation Summit and invitethe MIIA community to also join the 48-hour hackathon being held in Cape Town Stadium from 5 - 7 September 2017.

Assessing the Future Sandbox for Nigeria's Fintech Ecosystem


Given its size and influence in the African continent, a recent analysis by the Fintech Times puts the largest city in the country as one of four emerging fintech hubs in the entire African continent – alongside Nairobi, Johannesburg and Cape Town. According to their website, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is working towards setting up a Regulatory Sandbox that will offer a'safe space' in which start-ups and other businesses can test innovative products, services, business models and delivery mechanisms relating to the capital market in a live environment without immediately satisfying all the necessary regulatory requirements. Note this is pending on final approval and announcement of the committee members deciding upon this matter. For more information visit their website to express your interest here.

Tech News: When artificial intelligence facilitates crime


JOHANNESBURG - Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the important building blocks of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) or the age of "intelligentisation." The past few years have seen tremendous advances in machine learning and the building of algorithms from data; deep learning simulating the human brain and the processing power and decreasing costs of powerful and fast computers. Intelligent devices are, therefore, increasingly finding their way into our lives, whether it is a personal assistant such as the Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Apple Siri or Samsung Bixby; satellite navigation; real-time language translation; biometric identification such as fingerprint, iris or facial recognition; or industrial process management and decision-making. Unfortunately, noble AI technology also has the possibility to be misused and exploited for criminal purposes. In 2016 two computational social scientists by the name of Seymour and Tully used AI to convince social media users to click on a phishing link within a mass-produced message.

UCT launches a new degree, first of its kind in Africa IOL Business Report


The course convener Dr Co-Pierre Georg, Senior Lecturer at the African Institute of Financial Markets and Risk Management (AIFMRM) at UCT explains: "We are in constant and close contact with the financial services industry and know that it is facing a shifting demand for skills. "In the past, companies were mainly looking for advanced mathematical- and modelling skills. There still is demand for these skills, but by far the largest demand now is for students who have a thorough understanding of finance combined with a mastery of modern data analytics and software development skills. Our students will be able to develop these skills in the two most exciting areas of fintech: machine learning and blockchain technologies." "We see extraordinary demand for the degree already," continues Georg, "also because Cape Town-based students can do the degree part-time.