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16 of the best Alexa skills that we're obsessed with right now


Amazon Alexa is the retail giant's "personal assistant" that lives inside of every Amazon Echo and Amazon Fire TV Stick device. The smart digital assistant helps you with virtually any task, such as giving you weather updates or playing music, prompted simply by the sound of your voice. Just ask "Hey, Alexa!" and the device will wait for your command. While Alexa is pretty useful around the house, the assistant also has a playful side that can sometimes be downright weird. And while Alexa can be useful -- like with setting timers or telling you the headlines -- it's the more weird and wacky Alexa skills that we just can't get enough of.

Use your Amazon Echo to get the best sleep of your life


Your Amazon Echo can help you get some much-deserved rest. It can be tricky trying to fall asleep when you have a million things running through your head. Did I remember to send that email? Should I have done that differently? It's enough to keep anyone up at night, especially if you're not getting enough sleep.

10 of the best Amazon Alexa skills for dating and romance


Alexa is really useful for reordering things on Amazon like toilet paper, Kraft Mac & Cheese, and Duracell batteries, but did you know the voice assistant is also good at connecting with other apps, especially for dating and romance? SEE ALSO: 16 of the best Alexa skills that we're obsessed with right now While Alexa can help with buying goods, keeping schedules, and making appointments, she's also good at helping with your dating life. Modern dating may consist of swiping left and right on an app to meet new people, but living in this digital age means dating advice and tips are always within reach. You can now lean on technology, particularly Amazon Alexa, for dating advice, suggestions for fun couple's activities, and idea for how to be a better partner. Here are 10 of the best Amazon Alexa skills that could help with your love life.

Alexa, play hide and seek with Elmo'

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Alexa is adding kids skills.' (Photo: Amazon) Amazon boasts more than 20,000 "skills" for its Alexa-powered Echo speakers and all the many other devices in which Alexa increasingly lends her voice. On Thursday, Amazon announced that the first "kids" skills are coming to Alexa, along with a parental consent framework that mom and dad must approve before Junior can try out these skills. Alexa, it's time for work: Ask Cortana to read Outlook emails At launch, Amazon says there will be nine skills for Alexa, including a SpongeBob challenge through Nickelodeon, a Sesame Street skill in which kids can call Elmo or play hide and seek with him, and an Amazon Storytime skill in which short stores designed for youngsters 5 through 12 are read aloud via say an Echo by such narrators as Saturday Night Live's Aidy Bryant, and Tom Kenny, who is the voice of SpongeBob SquarePants. Storytime content is free and doesn't require an Amazon Rapids or Audible subscription, though Audible does plan to contribute short stories in the future. Amazon has opened up the kids' skills platform to developers and says hundreds have expressed interest.