Amazon's kid-friendly Echo works well, but don't waste your money on the bundle


Amazon is releasing its Echo Dot Kids Edition at a precarious time. The backlash against social networks and big tech companies, which recently came to a head with Facebook's Cambridge Analytica scandal, has kicked off a widespread re-evaluation of the kinds of information that we willingly, and sometimes unwittingly, surrender to various services. Europe's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which just went into effect, has reinforced this awareness. Add to that the story about how an Amazon Echo accidentally shared the audio of a private family conversation with one of the people in the account holder's contacts. While that was probably the Echo equivalent of a butt-dial, it does serve as a reminder about some of the more uneasy possibilities that go hand-in-hand with putting frictionless, always-listening tech in our personal spaces.

Cool off with this refreshing cucumber mint lemonade recipe

Los Angeles Times

Crisp, cool and refreshing – sometimes that's all you want on a hot day. This lemonade certainly fills the bill. A little sweet yet tart, the simple drink is flavored with fresh mint, cucumber, lime and club soda for a light, fizzy finish. And it's the perfect beverage when you're looking for a nonalcoholic option, though you could always add a little something extra if the occasion calls. Note: Adapted from Wilshire restaurant.

Beyoncé just announced that you'll be $300 poorer soon


Finally, the perfect gift for Mother's Day, Father's Day, Fourth of July, and Labor Day gift has arrived. Beyoncé is releasing Lemonade on yellow vinyl as part of a $300 box set. The collector's edition box set, titled How To Make Lemonade, will include a 600-page book with photos from the making of the album, a foreword from Dr. Michael Eric Dyson, and poetry by Warsan Shire. SEE ALSO: This conspiracy theory about Beyoncé's twins is bonkers so obviously we believe it HOW TO MAKE LEMONADE COLLECTOR'S BOXSET from @Beyonce now available for pre-order on The set will be delivered sometime this summer, when you need a refreshing glass of lemonade most.

Invite Alexa to the party: The Amazon Tap is on sale for $30 off


Just to let you know, if you buy something featured here, Mashable might earn an affiliate commission. If saving money on cool tech items is your thing, then today is your day. The Amazon Tap is usually listed at $130, but it's on sale today for a cool hundo. With a literal tap, the Amazon Tap speaker will play music from any of your favorite streaming stations like Spotify and Pandora. You can also use hands-free mode to control it from afar.

Alexa shops for Amazon Prime items so you don't have to


Amazon's virtual assistant could already lend a hand with re-ordering items, and now Alexa is a much more helpful shopping companion. Rather than just replenishing items you've already purchased or compiling a shopping list, Alexa now searches for new items based on your voice commands. If you're looking for a new food processor, for example, the virtual assistant will go through Amazon's Prime product listings to make a suggestion. If you're happy with what Alexa turned up, you can easily order it without having to use another device.