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Amazon s £120 Echo Spot launches in the UK from today

Daily Mail - Science & tech

Today sees the UK launch of Amazon's latest Echo home device, a glorified alarm clock, which could see the firm put a camera and microphone in your bedroom.

Porch light security camera

FOX News

The co-founder and chief technology officer of the Kuna HD outdoor home security camera and smart light believes his device could make break-ins a thing of the past. The camera, concealed within outdoor light fixtures, is configured to alert homeowners of activity outside their homes and to record video to the cloud. The system also has an intercom that enables owners to talk to people outside their doors on their smartphones, and a siren to startle intruders, if necessary. "Burglaries are often crimes of opportunity, and so Kuna will detect someone when they come up to the door and send you a notification," Huang said. "You can see them [and] you can talk to them -- or if you don't want to talk to them, you can sound our alarm or play a pre-recorded message.

Behold: The Alexa-enabled smart home controller of your dreams


Simply replace your light switch with NuBryte Touchpoint. Connect & Protect, from any NuBryte console, or remotely via Nubryte APP. HOME SECURITY: Detract and deter with 100 decibel siren and flashing overhead lights. Instant video alerts to your phone when triggered (with NuBryte APP). Built-in wide-angle camera and advanced motion detection up to 30'.

Toshiba's Symbio is both a security camera and Alexa speaker


Toshiba has integrated a dizzying number of devices into one with its new Symbio. Using the iOS or Android-powered Toshiba Smart Home app, you can "control everything from lights and music to door locks and temperature settings, from any location -- at home, at the office or out of town," the company notes.