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Be careful, there's a fake Google out there


When using a search engine as popular and trusted as Google, you probably don't think twice about the safety of the domain. SEE ALSO: Google's new Pixel phone hacked in 60 seconds The Next Web noticed something weird about one of the domains in the Google Analytics for its site a few weeks ago: a piece of spam that was telling them to vote for Donald Trump. That in and of itself wasn't weird, but the domain was: ɢ Did you spot the difference between that URL and the real Yep, the capital G in the Google domain they were using appeared smaller than usual.

Google makes it easier to share its speedier mobile web links


Google's Accelerated Mobile Pages are great for speeding up the web on your phone, but not so much if you want to share links with friends. Frequently, the only hint at the original link is a brief mention at the top -- share the page you're looking at and you'll give people Google's AMP cache, not the actual site. You won't have to wonder where the original link went for much longer, though. Google is fulfilling a promise by adding a simple way to share the source for an AMP story. When you're looking at an article you tapped in search results, the AMP header bar will have an anchor button that shows the original link.

Google's Oct. 4 Event: Google Wi-Fi And Daydream VR Expected To Be Unveiled

International Business Times

Google's Oct. 4 event is almost here. And, the search giant is widely expected to launch a bevy of devices, including the Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones, Chromecast Ultra, Daydream VR, Google Home and Google Wi-Fi, at the San Francisco event. While the Pixel phones and Chromecast Ultra are the main attractions, the company is also launching the much-awaited Daydream VR headset and Google Wi-Fi. Google's rough sketch of what the Daydream VR headset might look like. Google has already unveiled its new virtual reality platform, Daydream VR, which is integrated into Android 7.0 – Nougat OS for devices that support VR.

Get the scoop on all things Google with this course bundle


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