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Developing and Deploying Knowledge on a Global Scale

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To enhance the quality and consistency of its customer- support organization, Reuters embarked on a global knowledge development and reuse project. The system supports 38 Reuter products worldwide. This article presents a case study of Reuter experience in putting a global knowledge organization in place, building knowledge bases at multiple distributed sites, deploying these knowledge bases in multiple sites around the world, and maintaining and enhancing knowledge bases within a global organizational framework. This project is the first to address issues in multicountry knowledge development and maintenance and multicountry knowledge deployment.

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Creating Intelligent Linking for Information Threading in Knowledge Networks Artificial Intelligence

Informledge System (ILS) is a knowledge network with autonomous nodes and intelligent links that integrate and structure the pieces of knowledge. In this paper, we aim to put forward the link dynamics involved in intelligent processing of information in ILS. There has been advancement in knowledge management field which involve managing information in databases from a single domain. ILS works with information from multiple domains stored in distributed way in the autonomous nodes termed as Knowledge Network Node (KNN). Along with the concept under consideration, KNNs store the processed information linking concepts and processors leading to the appropriate processing of information.