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Greenhouse gardening shelves cover garden greenhouses


Once finished, you will learn that this advanced form of gardening is actually worth the money due to the benefits. Greenhouse Gardening – Next Level Gardening Method As said earlier, it takes a lot of courage and motivation to build your own greenhouse. Only those who are serious about gardening or those who are passionate about gardening will pay the money to build their greenhouse. By bringing your gardening to the next level, you will put in more effort into gardening due to the motivation it gives you and with the advanced facility, you have little room to worry about gardening problems, which will distort your fun with gardening. Save Up on Grocery Expenses Tough economic conditions is pushing up the prices of groceries, which include vegetables, flowers, and fruits. Greenhouse gardening will provide you and your family with a consistent supply of fruits, vegetables, and flowers and the best about this is that you have the control of planting what you want all year round.

10 best 'gardenfluencers' to follow for beginners


The world of gardening can be an overwhelming place for beginners. Gardening involves learning about climate, soil, local pests, and the seasons, plus the perpetual mystery of exactly how much water your plants need. If you're feeling stumped, not to worry, because these gardening pros have got you covered like mulch on a flower bed. These influencers will nurture your gardening dreams and help you grow into a gardening expert. These "gardenfluencers," if you will, make the cut because their content caters to gardeners just starting out.

Gardening improves happiness and 'emotional wellbeing' as much as physical exercise

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Gardening is'good for the soul' according to scientists, who say it improves happiness and emotional wellbeing as much as cycling, walking or eating out. The new study by Princeton University researchers found getting outdoors and gardening was particularly beneficial for women in low income households. While running or sports may provide more physical exertions, gardening works better as an emotional pick-me-up than other activities. The research team say it becomes even more beneficial for those who grow their own vegetables than those who have manicured ornamental gardens. The study of 370 volunteers in the US involved people reporting on their own levels of emotional wellbeing using an app while undertaking a range of activities.

World Naked Gardening Day is a nature loving feast for the eyes


It's World Naked Gardening Day, the only day of the year when exposing your private bits while hoeing around the garden is celebrated internationally. Launched back in 2005, the unofficial event happens every first Saturday of May and encourages gardeners around the world to get out in the fields, bare ass exposed to the sun, to get dirty in the name of growing things in the earth. SEE ALSO: Facebook's nudity standards: Nipples, fully exposed buttocks are not OK This year is no different, with a wide range of gardeners peeling off their clothes and hopping into the middle of flowerbeds, greenhouses, and produce-harboring patches of dirt. And lest anyone mistake the day as an excuse for perviness, the World Naked Gardening Day website makes it clear that this is all about having clean and innocent fun with nature. "Gardening naked is not only a simple joy, it reminds us--even if only for those few sunkissed minutes--that we can be honest with who we are as humans and as part of this planet," reads the statement on the front page of the website.

This 3-part gardening training will help you keep your plants alive


TL;DR: Become one with mother nature with the 2022 Green Thumb Gardener Bundle, on sale for 96% off. People got really into gardening in 2020 during the height of the pandemic. You kill every plant you see -- it's like the opposite of having the Midas touch. There's still hope for you yet. This 2022 Green Thumb Gardener Bundle might just be exactly what you need to get into a gardening groove -- and actually keep your plants alive.