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Artificial Intelligence: Seven Factors For Precision Decisions


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Scotland to get AI health research centre


Scotland is to get its own £15.8m The Glasgow-based centre will look at how AI could improve patient diagnosis and treatment. It will bring together experts to explore using AI in the treatment of strokes and some cancers. It is hoped that using technology to process large amounts of data will allow the health service to operate more quickly and efficiently. The centre will be known as the Industrial Centre for Artificial Intelligence Research in Digital Diagnostics (iCAIRD).

[Policy Forum] How economics can shape precision medicines


Many public and private efforts in coming years will focus on research in precision medicine, developing biomarkers to indicate which patients are likely to benefit from a certain treatment so that others can be spared the cost--financial and physical--of being treated with unproductive therapies and therapeutic signals can be more easily uncovered. However, such research initiatives alone will not deliver new medicines to patients in the absence of strong incentives to bring new products to market. We examine the unique economics of precision medicines and associated biomarkers, with an emphasis on the factors affecting their development, pricing, and access.

Precision Medicine Is Changing the Nature of Long-Term Medical Research

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So far, 111 patients have gotten such calls and learned with chagrin that their tests revealed an increased risk of illness, according to the latest count. Murray says Geisinger only notifies patients about conditions that can be addressed in some way, either by preventive medication or early diagnosis and treatment. Another relatively common diagnosis is a genetic condition that leads to lifelong high levels of cholesterol and very high risk of a stroke or heart attack. Most of these cases can be addressed with potent cholesterol-lowering drugs.