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Bose gets serious about wireless headphones, debuts 4 wildly different models


Bose has done a good job in recent years of keeping its venerable brand current with tech-savvy products like Spotify-integrated speakers, a whole-house audio system, and noise-cancelling earphones. It's even plunged into the world of apps. That changes right now as Bose is announcing no less than four new models, two of them with impressive noise-canceling tech. SEE ALSO: Samsung's Level On Pro headphones are good, but nothing spectacular The headliner is the QuietComfort 35 ( 349.95), which looks and feels like a wireless version of the company's current noise-canceling over-the-ear headphones, the QC25. I got chance to try out all the new models (except for the Pulse), and although it was a controlled Bose demo, I came away impressed with how Bose has integrated its noise-canceling tech with the convenience of wireless models.

Bose QuietComfort noise-cancelling headphones go wireless


Bose's famous QuietComfort 25 active noise-cancelling headphones are going cordless in the form of the company's new QuietComfort 35s. But in a market already awash with wireless ANC cans, is the effort too little too late to grab the attention of music-loving/cord-hating aficionados? Having had the opportunity to spend a short amount of hands-on time with them last week at a media event in New York City, we think they have a fighting chance. Similar in looks and heft to the company's iconic QC25s, Bose's QuietComfort 35 headphones are a cushy over-the-ear affair available in black or silver. They utilize four separate microphones and an ANC chipset to block out a massive amount of external noise--at least under the controlled conditions that we were allowed to listen to them in.

Bose QuietComfort Earbuds review: The noise-cancelling powerhouse


Bose was way overdue for a new pair of true wireless earbuds. The company doesn't typically release a product refresh every year, but the SoundSport Free buds were first introduced in 2017. True wireless tech has improved dramatically in the last year alone. Any product that's over two years old is going to feel pretty outdated. To remedy this, the company introduced an all-new noise-cancelling model in its coveted QuietComfort line: the QuietComfort Earbuds.

Listen up: Lots of Bose headphones are currently on sale


When you think of awesome, high-quality headphones, you definitely think of Bose. These are treat yo' self headphones. The pair you lovingly tuck into your carry-on. The headphones you carry around in their own special case. Lucky for you, Amazon has four different styles of Bose headphones on sale so if you're in the market for a new pair then today is your day.

Best headphones for every situation


There are literally thousands of different headphones, earphones, and earbuds out there to choose from. All have the same idea at heart -- to provide you with music without having to play it out loud for everyone to hear. But some achieve this result so much better than others. Sure, you could just hit Amazon and buy the cheapest, but that's not always a great idea either. Are you planning on listening at home? Do you want to avoid lousy battery life?