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The Raspberry Pi 4 now comes with up to 8GB of RAM


The Raspberry Pi Foundation is always looking at ways to make its models bigger and better, and today it's realized its ambition of an 8GB Raspberry Pi 4. It joins the 2GB and 4GB line up, and will set you back $75. It's essentially the same deck-of-cards-sized single board computer as its predecessors, just with more RAM, which gives DIY projects more scope and means tinkerers can start exploring more memory-hungry applications, such as streaming. At 75 bucks the 8GB Raspberry Pi 4 is the most expensive Raspberry Pi out there, but obviously you get what you pay for. Back in February the 1GB model was replaced by the 2GB version for the same price point -- the 8GB model demands a premium not only because it's got heftier RAM, but because cramming those specs into the palm-sized model required a chip that until last year didn't actually exist yet. In any case, the overall pricing structure is pretty balanced: 2GB of RAM for $35, 4GB for $55 and 8GB for $75.


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The 300-and-up Apple Watch appears to be the first fitness device to offer extensive wheelchair capabilities. GPS wristwatches can measure distance and speed fairly accurately, but calorie measurements assume moving the entire body, said Dawna Callahan, a four-time wheelchair finisher in the Boston Marathon and director of programs at Challenged Athletes. In addition, GPS devices aren't good for all-day tracking because of battery constraints.


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One of Apple's top executives had an embarrassing moment when showing off the company's new iPhone. Software chief Craig Federighi attempted to access the phone using the new facial recognition feature, Face ID, but couldn't.


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Online publication Tom's Guide has just named the biggest game changers in the tech industry this year. Among the devices that were recognized for being ingenious, Apple's iPhone X was hailed as the most innovative tech of 2017. On Wednesday, Tom's Guide revealed the winners of its 2017 Innovation Awards. The publication awarded certain devices for specific categories. For Design, the outlet recognized Samsung's innovation in the striking appearance of the Galaxy S8.