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Dad can't help but point out the similarity between toddlers and drunk people


Toddlers are essentially drunk 24 hours out the day. They're still getting a hang of their motor skills, it's difficult to tell what they're saying most of the time, and they're constantly having their minds blown by life's many wonders. Brad Cook, uploaded a video yesterday on youtube of a toddler stumbling around after Halloween, that perfectly illustrates the parallels toddlers and the inebriated. This little guy could be on sugar rush for all we know especially if he just hauled in tons of candy after trick or treating. Either way toddlers are always high on life and drunk on excitement.

Japanese DIY candy kits a thing, watch drunk people put one together


What are those, you ask? As it happens, there is no better way to learn the answer to that question than by watching drunk Irish people try to put one together. SEE ALSO: Watching drunk Irish people struggle to assemble IKEA furniture is as fun as you'd expect After downing several shots of vodka, the participants are tasked with assembling various edible kits designed to resemble a bento box, a burger meal, and ice cream. The results are less-than-impressive, but boy is it fun to watch them try. "Do you know what we made?

Drunk people ask the most awkward questions

BBC News

Lost Voice Guy uses an iPad to speak and has become an expert handler of awkward questions as a result. "Can you really not talk?" and "have you ever tried to speak to see what would happen?" are just two questions put to the comedian with cerebral palsy by drunk people after gigs. His many witty comebacks, including pretending he has a side-line as a satellite navigation system, are revealed in the second of our podcasts from the BBC Ouch storytelling night at this year's Edinburgh Festival. Also featured are Maura, an autistic woman with hair envy and "the social skills of a used teabag" - and Frank, who was rescued from a partial seizure by Al Pacino. The show is presented by Sofie Hagen and the producer is Ed Morrish.

Kids, don't wear drunk goggles in the classroom


After pretty successfully walking along a demarcated line with vision impairing drunk goggles, this 14-year-old girl decides to snub authority. Let's hope the goggles actually worked and this wasn't some elaborate act to get some revenge on the teacher. Jennifer Lopez has a feminist awakening in'Ain't Your Mama' video

State Police Add Patrols to Look for Drunk Drivers

U.S. News

A new law took effect in Rhode Island in July to increase the penalty for being convicted of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs with a child in the vehicle. The legislation adds an immediate license suspension and fine for a first offense.