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How to Become a Software Engineer at Google: Perseverance, Projects, AI


Nearly a decade ago, back in 2011, when I had just completed the 4th semester of my Computer Science & Engineering Degree course, I found that even though I had fared well in all my exams, my practical knowledge in this field was (in the words of Lord Kelvin -- the famous mathematical physicist)"of a meager and unsatisfactory kind". This was due to the fact that, aside from a handful of really great courses, the majority of my coursework relied on rote-learning and the competitive pursuit of grades instead of practical knowledge. I had joined the field of Computer Science to satisfy my childhood dream of working with computers, but I found I was still far from my dream of understanding and creating software with my computer. In this dismal state, I spent the beginning of my semester-break searching for a motivation in the online universe. After Googling for a short while, I stumbled upon Mehran Sahami's CS106A video lectures on Stanford's Youtube channel, and thus began my tryst with online education.

The Best Way to Build AI Solutions As a Company Is Via Collaboration.


A company that wants to become AI-powered and build solutions for real world problems has to overcome several challenges along the way. One of the most common obstacles is to get access to AI experts and data scientists that can help to translate a problem into a deployable AI solution or prototype. In addition, many organizations have little or no data to begin with. And even if data is plentyful, the question remains, how to leverage the raw data to solve problems or gain valuable insights. If an organization made the step to develop an AI system, the next wave of challenges is just around the corner.

Build Real-World Data Science Skills in Our Global AI Projects


Omdena collaborative AI projects run for two months and are a unique opportunity to work with AI practitioners from around the world whilst solving grand challenges. You augment both your soft and hard skills and get access to mentors, world-class tools, and courses. Add your name, email & interests here and we will get back to you when we find a project that aligns with your interests. The World Resources Institute (WRI) has been seeking to understand how regional and... In this Challenge 61 technology changemakers are building a machine learning solution for...

DHI InnoTech (commercial arm of the Royal Government of Bhutan) Announces Partnership with Omdena to Drive AI Solutions in Bhutan


The Department of Innovation & Technology (InnoTech) under Druk Holding & Investments (DHI), the commercial arm of the Royal Government of Bhutan, has partnered with Omdena, a global collaborative platform that makes AI for good accessible to all. This partnership is a step further in DHI InnoTech's mission to strategize technology and innovation pathways to enhance access and diffusion of emerging technologies, and build local capacity in the fields of science and technology. Omdena will assist InnoTech in hosting a global 2-week hackathon wherein InnoTech will identify key themes and issues that can be resolved using innovative AI/ML applications. Omdena will work with 50 AI engineers over an additional 8-week challenge to develop the idea or POC selected from the hackathon into a fully deployable algorithm. The pilot InnoTech-Omdena event will serve as a showcase for local institutions and the general public who are interested in AI/ML.

How-to Build a High-Impact Deep Learning Model for Tree Identification


I participated in an amazing AI challenge through Omdena's community where we built a classification model for trees to prevent fires and save lives using satellite imagery. Omdena brings together AI enthusiasts from around the world to address real-world challenges through AI models. My primary responsibility was to manage the labeling task team. Afterward, I had the chance to take on another responsibility and build an AI model that delivered results beyond expectations. I am Leo from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and I m a mechanical aeronautics engineer who currently works as a data scientist and management consultant in Brazil helping several companies to achieve better business results.