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Photo challenge: Show us your upside down photos


Our community challenges are finally back and better than ever. We will be hosting a new challenge every Saturday morning, so be on the lookout for our weekend photo themes to put your photography skills to the test. Turn your frowns upside down this week because we're challenging you to play with perspective and take your photos upside down for our community challenge. Head stands, reflection photos and playful angles are all appreciated. Here are a few shots to check out for inspiration.

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'Clash Royale' Retro Royale Challenge Decks: Best Decks For Winning The Throwback Challenge

International Business Times

As part of the ongoing Clash Royale one-year anniversary celebration, Supercell announced a new Retro Royale challenge that kicked of Thursday and will run throughout the weekend. If you aren't familiar with the challenge, basically players will be take back to their roots, competing against one another using decks that only include original cards from the initial game release. While these early cards are likely the ones most Clash Royale players are familiar with, the Retro Royale Challenge does bring a unique twist to the tournament space as many of us have grown attached to some of the newer cards as part of our daily battle decks. If you are hoping to play in the Retro Royale Challenge but aren't sure what the best deck is to pick, we've scoured around and pulled together a list of some of the best decks we've found on the web for winning the Retro Royale Challenge. Some of the decks come with tips and strategies.

Whither AI: Identity Challenges of 1993-95

AI Magazine

The 1993-95 period presented various "identity challenges" to the field of AI and to AAAI as a leading scientific society for the field. The euphoric days of the mid-1980s AI boom were over, various expectations of those times had not been met, and there was continuing concern about an AI "winter." The major challenge of these years was to chart a path for AI, designed and endorsed by the broadest spectrum of AI researchers, that built on past progress, explained AI's capacity for addressing fundamentally important intellectual problems and realistically predicted its potential to contribute to technological challenges of the coming decade. This reflection piece considers these challenges and the ways in which AAAI helped the field to move forward.

The Dialog State Tracking Challenge Series

AI Magazine

In spoken dialog systems, dialog state tracking refers to the task of correctly inferring the user's goal at a given turn, given all of the dialog history up to that turn. The Dialog State Tracking Challenge is a research community challenge task that has run for three rounds. The challenge has given rise to a host of new methods for dialog state tracking, and also deeper understandings about the problem itself, including methods for evaluation.