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Security for the exploding Internet of Things ecosystem -- FCW


For how many years now have federal CIOs and IT managers heard the bromide "security must be baked in, not bolted on?" It is one of those phrases that gets repeated so often that it's lost its meaning, but the fact that it's still considered wisdom today is itself meaningful.

Maintaining Effective Endpoint Security 201


Today's enterprises are faced with unique, modern-day issues. Many are focused on adopting more cloud-based services and reducing infrastructure footprint, all while the number of devices accessing the environment grows. This, in turn, requires security teams to create different levels of access, policies, and controls for users. Plus, as these businesses expand some unexpected security issues may arise, such as alert volume, lack of visibility, complicated management, and longer threat dwell times. To strike a balance between business objectives and a healthy security posture, IT teams can implement some of the tactics we recommended in our Effective Endpoint Security Strategy 101 blog, such as virtual private networks (VPNs), proper employee security training, and machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) technology for predictive analysis.

5 Shortcuts to Speed Up Your Endpoint Security Management Process


As a SecOps professional, you likely spend a good chunk of the day managing your endpoint assets and ensuring they are secured. Managing endpoint security can be a time-consuming process. So we're here to help! In this post, I'll be sharing some ways you can save time while managing your endpoints using SentinelOne. There are numerous endpoint solutions on the market; many rely on cloud connectivity, some are based on reputation or similarities.

Symantec adds machine learning to fortify endpoint security - Computer Business Review


The new Endpoint Protection uses machine learning, cloud capabilities and memory exploit to neutralise threats. Symantec has introduced Endpoint Protection 14, based on machine learning, to defeat cyber threats at endpoint. With the innovative protection techniques, the security company claims that the solution can stop and give response to threats at the endpoint itself, no matter how the attack is launched. According to the company, Endpoint Protection 14 is the first solution to combine essential endpoint technologies with machine learning and memory exploit mitigation in a single agent. Symantec says that the new product is a light weight package and claims that it has 99.9% efficacy, lower rate of false positives and 70% reduced footprint compared to previous generations, thanks to cloud lookup capabilities.