Convolutional Neural Networks: Zero to Full Real-World Apps


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In this course, intended to expand upon your knowledge of neural networks and deep learning, you'll harness these concepts for computer vision using convolutional neural networks. Going in-depth on the concept of convolution, you'll discover its wide range of applications, from generating image effects to modeling artificial organs. Explore the StreetView House Number (SVHN) dataset using convolutional neural networks (CNNs) Build convolutional filters that can be applied to audio or imaging Extend deep neural networks w/ just a few functions Note: we strongly recommend taking The Deep Learning & Artificial Intelligence Introductory Bundle before this course. The Lazy Programmer is a data scientist, big data engineer, and full stack software engineer. For his master's thesis he worked on brain-computer interfaces using machine learning.

Advanced AI: Deep Reinforcement Learning in Python


What you will learn in this course? In this course, you'll work with more complex environments, specifically provided by the OpenAI Gym: CartPole Mountain Car Atari games to train effective learning agents so you'll need new techniques. We've seen that reinforcement learning is an entirely different kind of machine learning than supervised and unsupervised learning.Supervised and unsupervised machine learning algorithms are for making predictions about data and analyzing, while reinforcement learning is about training an agent to interact with an environment and maximize its reward. Deep reinforcement learning and AI has a lot of potentials also carries huge risk. One main principle of training reinforcement learning agents is that there are unintended consequences when training an AI.

Deep Learning: Convolutional Neural Networks in Python


This is the 3rd part in my Data Science and Machine Learning series on Deep Learning in Python. At this point, you already know a lot about neural networks and deep learning, including not just the basics like backpropagation, but how to improve it using modern techniques like momentum and adaptive learning rates. You've already written deep neural networks in Theano and TensorFlow, and you know how to run code using the GPU. This course is all about how to use deep learning for computer vision using convolutional neural networks. These are the state of the art when it comes to image classification and they beat vanilla deep networks at tasks like MNIST.