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4 Benefits of mobile learning for your company MATRIX Blog


Everyone wants the best on the market when it comes to employees, that's why headhunting companies are still in business and HR professionals spend so much time organizing multi-stage interviews and pre-employment tests. But even if the best selection method is applied, probably they won't find professionals that are tailor-made for the company's needs. No matter how good prospects are, they will need to learn about the company, about its culture, and they will need to develop their current knowledge in order to adapt it to the needs of their new organization. New employees aren't the only ones who need learning. In the dynamic environment in which we are living, all of us will need to learn something new eventually, and learn it fast if we want to remain sharp and be the most valuable asset of our team.

AI Is The future of e-learning


The training and development of your workforce is vital to the achievement of digital transformation success for businesses. And today, more and more businesses are leveraging e-learning to educate their employees. The advantages for businesses using online learning platforms as opposed to traditional training methods are bountiful. First, it lowers business costs since one training session can be delivered to multiple people. Second, topics can be broken down into bite-sized chunks, meaning that employees do not need to spend lengthy periods of time away from their desks.

Coursera's Machine Learning for Everyone Fulfills Unmet Training Needs - KDnuggets


Coursera's Machine Learning for Everyone (free access) fulfills two different kinds of unmet learner needs. It's a conceptually-complete, end-to-end course series – its three courses amount to the equivalent of a college or graduate-level course – that covers both the technology side and the business side. While fully accessible and understandable to business-level learners, it's also also vital to data scientists and budding technical practitioners, since it covers:

Data Science: Machine Learning


Perhaps the most popular data science methodologies come from machine learning. What distinguishes machine learning from other computer guided decision processes is that it builds prediction algorithms using data. Some of the most popular products that use machine learning include the handwriting readers implemented by the postal service, speech recognition, movie recommendation systems, and spam detectors. In this course, part of our Professional Certificate Program in Data Science, you will learn popular machine learning algorithms, principal component analysis, and regularization by building a movie recommendation system. You will learn about training data, and how to use a set of data to discover potentially predictive relationships.