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Tech Triveni - Speaker Nitendra Rajput


Nitendra recently joined as the Vice President and leads the AI Garage unit in Mastercard. He has over 20 years of experience in the area of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Mobile Interactions. He has authored over 100 publications at top international ACM and IEEE venues, owing to which he has been recognized as an ACM Distinguished Scientist, ACM Distinguished Speaker (2015) and a senior IEEE member. He has delivered several tutorials and conducted workshops in AI and speech areas at top ACM venues (MobileHCI, IUI, CSCW, CHI). With over 50 granted patents to his name, Nitendra was an IBM Master Inventor and was also an IBM Academy of Technology members.

Move the human story forward! ideaXme: CHOOSE - For A Plastic Free World!


Karen Potter, Director of sustainability hub and ideaXme sustainability ambassador interviews James Longcroft, Managing Director, CHOOSE Packaging.  CHOOSE is a packaging development company that is leading the move away from plastic bottling to environmentally friendly options. CHOOSE uses biodegradable materials that are 100% plastic free in all their packaging and is working to help transition businesses from fossil fuel-based products to sustainable solutions. James started CHOOSE as a profitable business venture, in doing so he embarked on a journey with unexpected consequences. He began selling water in single use plastic bottles and evolved to a business committed to removing plastics from the economy and out of the eco-system. CHOOSE partners with organisations to provide solutions with a global impact. James graduated from Durham University, with a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry and began his career working with oil companies. Shortly after, he followed his entrepreneurial drive and explored opportunities to begin his own business. From a career rooted in the fossil fuel industry, he now champions business commitment to sustainability and circular economic policies. Karen is a passionate environment and sustainability campaigner leading Government and Parliamentary efforts to promote Net Zero policy solutions as well as lead on COP26, business, community and civic action. She is a project development specialist with extensive experience in designing and delivering new initiatives to promote sustainability, social responsibility, smart energy, green economy and clean tech investment. Highly experienced in government, NGO and public sector communications, building and managing senior stakeholder relations and media engagement. In this interview James shares: His journey from business entrepreneur to philanthropist to leading advocate for a plastic free future. James was moved to action after a trip to Africa revealed how effective modest contributions to safe water and development of infrastructure was in the region. He committed to providing more support and began to move into a sustainable and eco-friendly business model. Interview credits: Karen Potter, ideaXme sustainability ambassador. To discuss collaboration and or partnerships please contact the founder of ideaXme: Find ideaXme across the internet including on iTunes, SoundCloud, Radio Public, Vimeo, TuneIn Radio, I Heart Radio, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Amazon Podcasts and more. ideaXme is a global network that encourages everyone to participate in the future. ideaXme is a global podcast, creator series and mentor programme. Our mission: Move the human story forward!™ ideaXme Ltd.

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Galton Blackiston is a Michelin Star Celebrity chef and owner of Morston Hall. He is ideaXme mentor for the rising stars in the world of Haute Cuisine. In 1979, a typically cash-strapped 17-year-old high school student, Galton Blackiston, set up a stall at Rye market selling his own range of home-made cakes, biscuits and preserves. The range became known as'Galton's Goodies' and such was its success during that year that Galton abandoned plans to be a professional cricketer, deciding instead on a career as a chef. Within two months of having made this decision, Galton had begun working in the Lake District at the renowned Miller Howe, finally working his way up to the position of Head Chef.

Social Navigation through the Spoken Web: Improving Audio Access through Collaborative Filtering in Gujarat, India

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The rapid uptake of mobile phones, cheaper and more Given the potentially large number of users of the Spoken widespread mobile connectivity, and increasing familiarity Web system and the likelihood of shared information needs with technology are driving Internet adoption in developing and significant user similarities, we expect considerable improvements nations, but major hurdles still remain. First, today's Internet in audio navigation from using CF. is mostly in English and is thus largely inaccessible to A useful distinction among CFbased approaches arises billions of people for whom English is not a native or second from the types of data used to associate users to products language. Second, today's Internet is accessible largely and other items. In some scenarios, users may provide explicit through text-based technologies (web browsing, email, text feedback about their interest in products through ratings.

Advancing Financial Services with the Power of AI


As financial services institutions (FSIs) face new regulations, rising customer expectations and disruptors around every corner, they are embracing digital transformation to prosper and stay competitive. One of the ways in which FSIs are transforming themselves is through the adoption of artificial intelligence. Increasingly, FSIs -- including commercial banks, investment firms and insurance companies -- are using AI to address some of their most pressing challenges. With today's AI solutions, FSIs are improving customer experience, reducing fraud, predicting customer needs, protecting confidential data, and maintaining regulatory compliance. Let's consider a few of the more common use cases for putting the power of AI to work in the financial services industry.