Google updates Maps, Search and Assistant so you can order food without app

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Google has unveiled updates for its artificially intelligent voice assistant and new privacy tools to give people more control over how they're being tracked on the go or at home. The company also unveiled a new Pixel phone and smart home display. Google just made ordering pizza, pad thai and fried chicken from your favorite restaurants even easier. The search giant announced on Thursday that it updated apps like Google Maps, Google Search and the Google Assistant to make ordering food online more convenient, so you don't have to download as many third-party apps. "When I was pregnant with my son last year, my cravings were completely overpowering," said Google's senior product manager of food ordering, Anantica Singh, in a blog post.

Why Machine Learning Is Key to the Search Marketing of Tomorrow


Advertising has changed a lot over the years. There was a time when machine learning, automation, and software-based marketing tech stacks weren't a "thing." There are hundreds of channels across physical and print media and online at present, including social, mobile, and video. Even TV has diversified into hundreds of cable channels on your remote control. And yet, digital ad revenue has gone on to surpass that of TV.

Google I/O 2017: Here's what we learned ZDNet


Google served up a bevy of announcements, technologies and goodies for developers, but it also highlighted a much larger strategy where the search giant still organizes the world's information, but also begins creating systems that'll add context, delight you and potentially provide more insights. Artificial intelligence and machine learning is Google's competitive advantage and will be embedded everywhere. Google CEO Sundar Pichai talked AI non-stop during his Google I/O keynote and he's rearchitecting the company to be "AI-first." The extent of Google's AI reach is everywhere from Google Photos to Google Assistant to Google Cloud Platform to damn near every other product or service the search giant has. Google's AI efforts will even tap into human resources as it pivots to target job searches.

Google secretly rolls out conversational search about nearby places

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At Google's annual I/O developers conference held May 28, the search engine giant unveiled new software features, as well as improvements to the Android operating system. Much of the event focused on new context-aware improvements to Google Now, Android's digital personal assistant, but one of the software's biggest features was actually rolled out secretly. This Tuesday, a representative for Google at the Search Marketing Expo in Paris premiered Google Now's location-aware search feature. The tool, which has already rolled out to most Android devices, was captured on video by Search Engine Land's Danny Sullivan and posted to Twitter. Location Aware Search is live unannounced feature in Google Search App.