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Do we really need this self-stirring kitchen gadget?


Stirr is an automatic stirring kitchen device. It may seem a bit ridiculous but it could be helpful when you need 2 hands to do some kitchen work. Stirr has up to three stirring modes and is also dishwasher safe.

Boost your breakfast game with Dash kitchen gadgets on sale


As of Jan. 7, plenty of Dash kitchen appliances are on sale at Amazon. Check out our picks and spruce up your breakfasts in 2022. As of Jan. 7, Dash has deals on tons of kitchen appliances that will make your first meal of the day the best. We recommend scooping up a few of them for the full brunch experience every day of the week. Check out the full Dash sale (including all the color options) at Amazon.

What we bought: How a $200 pepper mill became my favorite kitchen gadget


Let's get this out of the way right off the bat: a $200 pepper mill is an inherently ridiculous product. I mean really, we're talking about a device designed to turn dried berries (yes, peppercorns are technically a stone fruit) into a powder you can sprinkle on food. You can buy a totally decent pepper mill for under $20 from brands like OXO. Or if that's too much, you can simply buy your pepper pre-ground (please don't though) or opt for one of those pre-filled disposable grinders. My point here is that there are a ton of pepper mills that don't cost two Benjamins and are more than capable of getting the job done.

Never cook soggy pasta again thanks to this cheap kitchen gadget


Staring at your pot until your water boils is like watching paint dry. It's a complete waste of time -- time that you could have spent doing something more worthwhile. But those of us who have attention spans akin to a goldfish tend to forget our pots altogether when we leave them alone. And that results in over-boiled ravioli or cookware that's damaged beyond repair. How then, can you boil water without watching over it like a maniac?

What we bought: Our favorite small kitchen essentials


While we at Engadget are blessed with a passion for cooking, most of us are not blessed with spacious kitchens. But that doesn't stop us – we use every inch of our tiny apartment kitchens as efficiently as possible. In doing so, we've found that some of the most useful cooking tools are the small things – items hiding deep in your drawers or sitting humbly on your countertop that you turn to often and may end up taking for granted. We wanted to highlight some of our favorite small kitchen essentials to remind everyone (including ourselves) that you don't need to add the latest ultra-convenient unitaster to your kitchen to make great food. Ultimately, it's the small stuff that matters, both when it comes to recipe ingredients and the tools you keep in your cupboards. If there was ever an essential kitchen gadget, an instant-read thermometer is certainly it.