Adobe plans voice-activated digital assistant for Photoshop


Adobe Sensei is a new framework launched in November last year. It uses machine learning technology and a set of artificial intelligence services built into the Adobe Cloud Platform to provided enhance user experience to applications and tools.

FinancialForce debuts voice-activated ERP assistant at Dreamforce


Amazon Echo devices are primarily thought of as consumer devices for the home, but the cloud enterprise resource planning company Financial force has developed a new way to make the voice-activated assistant Alexa useful for work. FinancialForce, which runs entirely on Saleforce's platform, demo'd its new ERP intelligent assistant at the Dreamforce conference in San Francisco this week. FinancialForce customers can use Alexa to do things like to check the status of deliverables, run reports and respond to business information through simple voice commands. They can also build their own use cases without having to code anything, FinancialForce CTO Andy Fawcett explained. "I got away with writing a very small amount of code," he explained at Dreamforce -- specifically, just over 130 lines of NodeJS code.

Hacked robots could attack humans and burgle homes

Daily Mail - Science & tech

The rise of the household robot appears inevitable as robotics labs scramble to design companions that can clean, cook and even talk to their human owners. But a top cybersecurity firm has claimed that if hackers got into a robot's circuitry, it could be used to kill. Experts at the firm IOActive have warned that hacked robots, including some on the market today, could be used to poison humans or pets and even burgle homes. Experts at security firm IOActive have warned that hacked robots, including some on the market today, could be used to poison humans or pets and even burgle homes. This robot, not analysed in IOActive's report, was on display at the'Robotics Expo' in Moscow in 2015 Robots linked to home security systems could be hacked into to burgle homes, IOActive suggests.

PayPal enables voice-activated payments via Siri


PayPal is adding an integration with Siri to let its users conduct peer-to-peer (P2P) transactions with a simple voice command, the financial services company announced Thursday. The integration with Apple's voice-activated assistant comes just ahead of PayPal's busy holiday season. The company predicts that it will see more than 17 million P2P transactions this December. Last year, $41 billion traded hands through P2P transactions on PayPal and its other payment platforms, Venmo and Xoom. The integration is available in 30 countries and in several languages including English, French, Dutch, Finnish, Cantonese, Hebrew, Malay, Arabic, German and Italian.

Future Of Health: Voice-Activated Devices Provide Diagnoses At Home


In our latest report, The Future of Health, we explore how the role of data in healthcare has evolved from a static into a living profile that grows with patients. To help bring the ideas and actionable take-aways to life, PSFK invited creative studios to leverage report findings and ideate new ways to approach health. The following is a concept our friends at Dieste, who developed the concept for an AI plug-in for voice-activated devices that provides first-step diagnostics in the comfort of your home. Early signs of health issues often go unnoticed by consumers and only get recognized once they have developed into severe symptoms. In order to improve overall health and prevent the occurrence of illness, consumer vitals need to be monitored more closely.