The rise of machine intelligence in agriculture


Future generations will likely look back at the development of machine learning as a turning point. It certainly is convenient to dispense with keyboards and touchscreens in favor of using ordinary speech to tell your iPhone, Android or Alexa device what you want it to do. But machine learning's far more consequential contributions to society will be found in the fields of agriculture.

Smart farming: How Thailand's advancing technology is transforming its agriculture industry OpenGovAsia


According to the UN, the world's population is estimated to increase by 29% to 9.8 billion in 2050. There is therefore an immense pressure on the world's agriculture sector to develop sustainable measures of increasing their output so as to meet the demands of the ever increasing population around the world. Agriculture has always been one of the core economic activities in Thailand, with over 40% of Thai workers employed in the industry. However, this sector contributes to only 10% of the economy and is on a decline. Fortunately, Thailand, having been backed by its government, is developing new technology to help transform its agriculture industry.

What Are 'Super Beans'? How Africa Has New Hope Against Famine

International Business Times

As drought conditions continue to contribute to famine in Africa, agriculture experts have turned to what are being called "super beans," which have the ability to grow in the driest locations to help supplement hampered resources through genetic manipulation. They have been described as "a fast-maturing, high-yield variety," and offer new hope for hunger-prone areas of the continent.

How Artificial Intelligence Is Driving a New Era of Precision Agriculture


Artificial intelligence (AI) is a technology that exhibits behavior that could be interpreted as human intelligence. Can we apply artificial intelligence in agriculture? Can a computer be better than man in making decisions related to other living organisms in a complex environment? Can an algorithm beat farmer's gut instinct and experience? In recent years, agriculture has gone through a major revolution.