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Many Japanese firms turning to one-day internships to secure new grads

The Japan Times

To secure new graduates in buyers' market, an increasing number of companies are introducing one-day internship programs for job-hunting students. This is because Keidanren, (Japan Business Federation), the nation's biggest business lobby, has scrapped the five-day minimum for member firms' internship programs aimed at students graduating in spring 2019 and later. According to job information provider Mynavi Corp., 75.2 percent of the companies in Japan, including small firms, have accepted students under one-day internship programs. Keidanren's related guidelines allow member companies to offer job seminars for students from March 1 and hold interviews with them from June 1. But the rule is believed to be a dead letter.

3 Primary Advantages of a Modernized Reinsurance Sector


Modernization of reinsurance will result in automation of the complex reinsurance processes accompanied by direct business gains. FREMONT, CA: An insurance firm must have an effective reinsurance solution. Insurance firms understand the value of reinsurance as it is evident from the fact that reinsurance involves hundreds of billions of dollars annually. However, with an increase in complexity associated with the insurance process, insurance firms need to modernize their reinsurance programs. The conventional reinsurance programs are rigged with outdated technology, manual processes, and inadequate analytics capabilities.

Trends in the legal service industry – the rise of AI


While we hope it will not be lethal, the increasing use of artificial intelligenceArtificial Intelligence knows many different definitions, but in general it can be defined as a machine completing complex tasks intelligently, meaning that it mirrors human intelligence and evolves with time. in the legal services industry poses its own challenges. Law firms accustomed to using lawyers to perform certain tasks are now encountering technology, including artificial intelligence, that can perform tasks in seconds or minutes rather than the hours spent by a human counterpart. Although there are a growing number of firms using alternative fee arrangements, the majority of law firms continue to rely upon the billable hour as the source of their revenues. As technology and artificial intelligence continue to improve and threaten the traditional revenue model, law firms must assess how to use these technologies and consider other means of billing. What exactly is artificial intelligence?

Hitachi told to improve or else after its firms are caught again deploying foreign trainees illegally

The Japan Times

Hitachi Ltd. and its 10 group firms have been slapped with improvement orders for using foreign trainees illegally, including paying them less than the minimum wage, sources close to the matter said Tuesday. It is the second time in eight months that Hitachi has come under scrutiny for the way it employs and deploys trainees. The Organization for Technical Intern Training carried out inspections at 12 plants between April and September last year. It found technical interns engaged in work outside the remit of their training programs, in violation of a law on the government-sponsored program, the sources said. If the OTIT finds Hitachi firms have not taken sufficient steps to improve the situation, it will report the cases to the justice and labor ministries, and their training programs could be withdrawn.

CyberRisk Managed Services


The risks inherent in most CPA firms differ from many other professional services firms. In many cases, CPA firms have employees at client sites almost every day. Those employees are frequently accessing client networks, assembling and reviewing detailed financial transactions and otherwise collecting highly confidential client information. Those same employees then transmit and travel with confidential data which must be kept secure at all times. As repositories of tremendous amounts of financial data, CPA firms are therefore an attractive target for cyber criminals.