Trump Education Department delays accountability regulations

U.S. News

The Education Department rules provide a framework for states to develop their own accountability plans under the bipartisan education bill signed into law by President Barack Obama. They were released last November.

Idaho Transportation Department Documents Spark Questions

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The two reports argue that wildlife overpasses are more cost-effective over the long term because of their longer lifespan and increased effectiveness and a more reliable system to reduce collisions with animals along U.S. Highway 20. The Fish and Game assessment also claimed more dangerous conditions on the road -- its report cited 30 large animal deaths along the road compared to the 16 listed by the state Transportation Department.

Utah Hepatitis A Outbreak: Health Department Issues Vaccination Notice

International Business Times

Officials from the Salt Lake County Health Department (SLCoHD), Utah, issued a statement Sunday stating that people who visited a West Jordan 7-Eleven store over the past two weeks might have been infected with hepatitis A virus.

Fish and Wildlife Department Hosts Event on Art in Nature

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A Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department naturalist and artist will lead the evening. The department says she will talk about the benefits of artistic observation, ecological art and help guide the group in an evening of creating art outside.