Although most of the children'play nice', some try to push their boundaries by posting inappropriate images. Given the young age of the users, it is crucial that photographs containing adult, harmful, scary stuff or spam are excluded from the community. Momio already had a number of successful safety measures in place, enforced by their team of Community Managers. However, policing a platform that hosts such a large volume of user-generated content is no simple feat. In 2017, almost 1 billion messages were sent and 30 million images were posted on Momio.

Online Safety in the Age of Artificial Intelligence


This whitepaper aims to connect the emerging technological phenomena of artificial intelligence (AI) and its implications with key actions needed to advance a culture of responsibility online. It is not intended to predict the future, but rather to create a basis for discussion among policymakers, law enforcement, industry, academic institutions, parents, and individuals. Its aim is to help identify and prioritize those actions most likely to promote the kind of future that maximizes digital safety while reaping the rewards of technological advancement. This paper was produced in partnership with FOSI and Kaleido Insights for release at the 2019 FOSI Annual Conference. Download and read the full report.

Flying High with Drones

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There remain significant questions about the future of drone use in our country. Anytime you fly a device in the skies over people and buildings and near other flying crafts, there are risks. Legislation, however, has quickly been enacted to protect our privacy and to ensure our safety. Drones aren't just for taking aerial videography of sporting events and outdoor weddings -- there are many ways that drones can be useful to society. An organization called Drones for Good explores future life saving possibilities with drones.

Flight Safety New Artificial-Intelligence-Based Training Tool


FlightSmart uses that training data to create a customized corrective action training path that addresses identified deficiencies. Instructors will also proactively address deficiencies by optimizing a pilot's training curriculum that focuses on areas that need improvement rather than repetitive actions rooted in a fixed syllabus. FSI said FlightSmart provides a solid foundation for adaptive learning and student-specific insights and is ideal for use during training of new and experienced pilots operating both commercial and military aircraft.

Artificial Intelligence: predicting the impacts to 2030


Artificial intelligence is not a threat to mankind. This is one of the conclusions of a 27-page report entitled'Artificial Intelligence and Life in 2030'. This, the first in a long series of planned reports, provides a summary of one year of research work, the first results from AI100, a project hosted by California-based Stanford University, whose purpose is to study the implications of artificial intelligence. Transportation, health, safety and education are among the many sectors that will be impacted by advances in AI. So what changes can be foreseen on the 2030 horizon?