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TrueCare24 Unveils Artificial Intelligence-Driven Healthcare Platform


According to Leo Popov, "We all struggle with balancing our busy lives and the things that matter the most: family, friends, and professional passions, and wasted time is especially frustrating. When you or a family member get sick, you've got to go through the hurdles of traditional healthcare, and it's just not practical for working professionals who also have families. Baymax is a personal healthcare companion that saves users precious time and money. It chooses and arranges a doctor's appointment that fits your schedule and budget. Baymax is superbly convenient for the '140 characters' lifestyle of today."

Intelligence-Driven Marketing: The Future of Marketing KDM


Intelligence-Driven Marketing: A shift from Data-Driven Marketing Intelligence-driven marketing is the latest buzzword to be thrown around in the world of digital marketing. But where did the term "Intelligence-driven marketing" come from? And more importantly what does it mean for businesses? With the recent updates in technology, today's companies must do more than just collect and use data in their marketing activities. They need to get clever with their marketing and focus on intelligence-driven marketing.

Lead the Artificial Intelligence-driven technological revolution


Artificial Intelligence has caused revolutionary disruptions in the way IT functions and with digitization, disrupting how everything else functions as well. Experts suggest that companies need to start creating a plan, if not already in the transition to adapting AI. The transition is an inevitable one. The use of AI is of course numerous, from enabling analysis of unstructured data from various social media channels to automating and reconfiguring processes that complement and augment the expertise of employees. In order to become agile, companies are changing their business processes from a system that's rule-based to something more flexible with an outcome driven approach.

Flowers for Amy: How MongoDB Helps's Artificial Intelligence-driven Assistant Appear Human


Amy is an artificial intelligence-powered personal assistant for scheduling meetings. Users can interact interact with her as they would to any other person – and Amy takes care of all the tedious email ping pong that comes along with scheduling a meeting. Users simply copy their virtual assistant of choice on email with up to four individuals they wish to schedule a meeting, then the assistant takes over and coordinates the schedules using natural language processing, providing an experience that is entirely seamless. The team rely on MongoDB, the operational database that powers Amy, to provide the speed and schema-flexibility they require to build the platform. As Matt Casey, CTO and a co-founder explains: "We didn't actually know what that data would look like, so with the schema-less databases, [it was] easy to change our schemas over time very quickly and try new things."

How To Prepare Your Career For Artificial Intelligence-Driven Automation


By now you probably know that artificial intelligence has the potential to change every single one of our jobs and industries. In some cases, AI will be used to completely eliminate certain jobs. In others, it will only change how they're done or how in-demand they are. And in other cases, it will pave the way for new jobs to be created -- including those that none of us can yet imagine. The goal of this post is to help you understand what artificial intelligence is, and the jobs & aspects of work most likely to be automated by AI, so you know how to position yourself for success in the near future.