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Group video calling lands on Facebook Messenger


Facebook just added a feature to Messenger that may make even the most ardent skeptics want to use the app: group video calling. The chat app now allows groups of up to six friends to make video calls directly from their messages. The feature, available now to anyone with the latest version of the app, also includes the Snapchat-like animated masks Facebook has been experimenting with on the iOS version of Messenger. Starting a group call works the same way as it does for one-to-one video calls in the app: tapping the camera icon in the top right corner while in a chat will begin the video call. Facebook has limited the calls to groups of six, though up to 50 other participants to join in without video once the limit is reached.

How To Group Video Chat On Kik Messenger: Update Comes To iOS, Android

International Business Times

Kik, the popular chat app for iOS and Android devices, has added group video chat to its service. Kik's new group video chat brings new features including one-on-one and group chats of up to six people while allowing users to send emojis, messages, photos and GIFs. "Video chat was the number-one feature you requested, and today, we're really excited to launch it on Kik," the company said in a blog post. Kik Messenger has 300 million users and claims that 40 percent of U.S. teenagers use the app. As seen in the picture GIF, calls are the size of a profile icon.

You Can Now Video Chat With Up To Six Friends On Facebook Messenger

Forbes - Tech

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg introduces a new messenger platform at the F8 summit in San Francisco, California, on March 25, 2015. For the over 1 billion monthly Facebook Messenger users, you asked and Messenger came through with what has been the most requested feature yet: users will now have the ability to video chat in groups. Group Video Chat in Messenger is an easy-to-use means to stay connected face-to-face with your friends and family. Starting today, Group Video Chat is rolling out worldwide to Android and iOS devices. Daily, across the globe, hundreds of millions of people use Messenger and messaging in groups has grown in popularity.

Facebook Messenger adds group video chatting on iOS and Android


In case you haven't noticed, Facebook has spent a lot of time making video a priority this year, and its latest initiative involves the Messenger app. Today, Facebook is launching group video chat in Messenger for both iOS and Android. The app has had video calling for a good year and a half now, but it was only one-on-one -- but now the app can compete directly with services like Facetime and Skype, both of which offer video calls with multiple participants. Facebook says its group video chat supports up to six participants -- but you can include up to 50 more participants who can listen in, speak up via voice chat and send a variety of stickers, emoji, GIFs and other foolishness into the conversation. To kick things off, just start a group text chat as you would normally; you'll now see a button in the top corner that lets you ring the participants for a video chat.