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Custom ninja cat emoji hides within Windows 10's free Anniversary Update


Microsoft recently announced a new Insider build brimming with new features coming to the free Windows 10 Anniversary Update, and one of the features the company made a big deal about was a revamped emoji scheme. But one thing the company didn't mention is six hidden emoji featuring Microsoft's memelicious ninja cat, as first uncovered by Emojipedia. Ninja cat is a popular meme that began inside the company, showcasing an image of a cat with a bandana, holding a Windows flag, and riding a fire-breathing unicorn. Soon after the image first surfaced in early 2015, ninja cat was adopted by the greater Windows community. The ninja cat emoji are exclusive to Windows 10 and use zero width joiner sequences, which are basically hacks to support non-standard Unicode emoji.

Interracial couples are finally getting some emoji representation


Interracial couples are finally getting emoji representation, and the company that's doing it first might come as a surprise. Microsoft quietly added support for interracial emoji couples in its most recent preview build for the upcoming Windows Creator update. The change, first noticed by Emojipedia, makes Windows the first major platform to support the characters. SEE ALSO: The ultimate guide to the 104 new emoji in iOS 10.2 Support for the new characters was quietly added in the latest preview build for the upcoming Windows 10 Creators update. We say quietly because the characters aren't yet officially part of Windows' emoji keyboard, but they are supported when you manually copy and paste them.

Apple proposes 13 new emoji that represent people with disabilities


Apple thinks it's high time to make even more inclusive emoji. In a March proposal, the tech company requested that Unicode Consortium -- the organization responsible for our emoji -- create characters that accurately represent people with disabilities. "Apple is requesting the addition of emoji to better represent individuals with disabilities," the company wrote in its proposal. "Diversifying the options available helps fill a significant gap and provides a more inclusive experience for all." SEE ALSO: There's currently no interracial couple emoji.

Gmail's web client can't handle inclusive emojis properly


If you frequently use Gmail's native web client to send emails, you may have noticed something odd about how it handles emoji. Google may have said goodbye to its distinctive blobs in 2017, but for whatever reason, Gmail on the web still renders most emojis in that style. As someone who will stand by the blobs until the end of time, that's a quirk of Gmail I've loved. But it turns out that same tendency has left the web client unable to render the more inclusive emoji that have been approved by the Unicode Consortium in recent years. Want to include an emoji of a dark-skinned female scientist in your next email?

Redheads may be getting their own emoji in 2018

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Redheads and people who are losing their hair could finally get their own emoji. The Emojipedia website has submitted new emojis following demands for them to be more diverse. If its ideas are approved, the new emoji could be added next year, alongside new characters that have grey, curly or Afro hair. New styles'focus on appearances that aren't currently supported in the informal skin tone/hair color pairings used by many vendors', the Emojipedia's submission page said. The page gave Jessica Chastain and Ed Sheeran as examples of people with red hair.