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You can now monitor exactly how lame your emoji game has become


Bad news, fam: Your favorite emoji could very well be passé. . Emoji authority Emojipedia just released a handy new feature to help you check in on how popular your favorite pictograph is, and how much it's been used over time. The trend tracker, which was announced in a blog post by emoji king Jeremy Burge, adds a new wrinkle to the already extensive amount of info for each entry in the database. The tool depends on data from Google Trends over the past five years for its charts, so for newer entries to the emoji world, like my personal fave, (upside-down face, of course), you'll have a smaller period of time available, while an OG emoji like (face with tears of joy), which has been on the block since 2010, only gives part of its storied history. SEE ALSO: Google is completely revamping Android emoji and it's about damn time Checking in on the trend chart is easy -- just search your favorite emoji, scroll down to the stats section, and click on the "Trends" button.

Nobody uses emoji better than Cher uses emoji


Today is World Emoji Day, an unofficial (see also: made up) holiday designed to celebrate emoji and it's impact on the world (). And while people all over the globe are joining in the festivities -- Apple just released new emoji, the Empire State Building will blaze yellow, etc. -- there's only one real way to honor World Emoji Day: Stop literally everything you are doing this moment and stare in awe at Cher's truly next level emoji game. SEE ALSO: What the actual hell is going on with Google's newly redesigned Android emoji For the uninitiated, Cher is a pop icon who also happens to be the Queen of Twitter. There is not a single social justice issue that Cher has not advocated for on the microblogging platform. And she does it all with emoji.

Proposed emojis include the drunk face and sad poo we've all been missing


It's only been a month since the Unicode Emoji Consortium released version 10 of the colorful little communication icons, including more diverse images along with zombies, a T-rex and (yes) a sandwich icon. Now, though, the group has yet another set of proposed emojis for next year. Along with more math and science items and a silly drunk face emoji, the new group of 67 tiny pictures includes, wait for it, a new sad poo emoji. The top two requested emoji in this list are "face with smiling eyes and party horn and party hat," which I guess is sort of a "let's party" emoji, along with "frowning face with question marks as eyes," which is totally going to be my go-to "WTF" emoji when it shows up on my iPhone. The other proposed images range from a self-explanatory "smiling face with smiling eyes and three hearts" to a more complex image like "blue face with clenched teeth and icicles."

Disney emojis are about to become a part of your world


First there were smiley emojis, then there were poop emojis, and now finally, we'll have Disney emojis. On Thursday, Disney Games released a trailer debuting nearly 400 new emojis, all of them Disney or Pixar themed. Emojis come from both Disney classics, including Alice in Wonderland and Mickey Mouse, and (slightly) more modern movies, like The Little Mermaid and Lilo and Stitch. In order to collect these emojis, however, you'll first have to play a strenuous matching game called "Disney Emoji Blitz." Disney emoji will be released to iOS and Android.

The Great iOS-Android Emoji Divide Narrows Ever So Slightly


You probably know already that the emoji that you see on your iOS device are different, sometimes by a wild degree, from those that your Android friends do, and vice versa. This makes for some fun confusion--is that a grimace or a grin?--but also frustration, particularly on the Android side, because many core Android emoji are objectively worse. Google has announced several updates as part of its latest Android N preview, but we can skip past the new 3D rendering API and launcher shortcuts and head straight to the real news, which is that Android will finally deploy emoji that look like actual people. If you own an iPhone, that sentence might confuse you. What else, you might be thinking, would an emoji look like?