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Beam: A Collaborative Autonomous Mobile Service Robot

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We introduce the Beam, a collaborative autonomous mobile service robot, based on SuitableTech’s Beam telepresence system. We present a set of enhancements to the telepresence system, including autonomy, human awareness, increased computation and sensing capabilities, and integration with the popular Robot Operating System (ROS) framework. Together, our improvements transform the Beam into a lowcost platform for research on service robots. We examine the Beam on target search and object delivery tasks and demonstrate that the robot achieves a 100% success rate.

Smart Mobile Robots are Everywhere

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In 2012 Kiva, a supplier of mobile robots, was bought for $775 million by Amazon. That was a home run for the company which had estimated revenues of about $100 million at the time. Some entrepreneurs and venture capitalists believe, or at least argue, that autonomous mobile robots represent the next revolution in material handling. Automatic guided vehicles carry goods from one point to another in a warehouse or factory on predetermined paths. In contrast, autonomous mobile robots may have a preferred path to get from A to B, but can take alternative routes if there are obstacles or congestion.

Get ready for the robotics A-Team


Autonomous robots can perform actions or complete tasks with a high degree of autonomy, which makes them ideal for applications such as space exploration or cleaning your living room carpet. Mobile robots are capable of moving from place to place. Dutch police train eagles to attack drones, but here's why it won't happen in the US Police eagles are just as awesome as they sound, but are they really a practical solution for drone defense? Put these capabilities together and you got a powerful machine that can handle lots of tasks in industrial environments such as factories, as well as in hospitals, hotels, and other areas. And, in fact, one of the more prominent trends in robotics today is the growing popularity of autonomous mobile robots (AMRs), with new vendors jumping into the market and sales on the rise.

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We are looking for new partners to promote mobile robots in local markets. With the advent of mobile robots, a new profit segment is emerging, opening up tremendous opportunities for business creation and exponential growth.

Autonomous Mobile Robot Research at Louisiana State University's Robotics Research Laboratory

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The Department of Computer Science at Louisiana State University (LSU) has been involved in robotics research since 1992 when the Robotics Research Laboratory (RRL) was established as a research and teaching program specializing in autonomous mobile robots (AMRS). Researchers at RRL are conducting high-quality research in amrs with the goal of identifying the computational problems and the types of knowledge that are fundamental to the design and implementation of autonomous mobile robotic systems. In this article, we overview the projects that are currently under way at LSU's RRL.