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Save up to $80 on these Eufy robot vacuums — just in time for the holidays


There are two types of people around the holidays: those who seem be singing Christmas songs as soon as Halloween is over and those who just get bothered by all the festivities. If you're the latter, we totally understand. Not only is shopping for gifts an added stress but there's also the mess of it all. Wrapping gifts leaves glitter and ribbons everywhere, and cooking for the family leaves crumbs on the floor that you have to work so hard to clean. To take one worry off your plate, treat yourself to a robot vacuum. Contrary to popular belief, you don't have to spend a fortune to have a handy robot do the work for you -- especially when there are sales running.

This Eufy RoboVac is at its lowest price ever on Amazon


SAVE $120: Leave vacuuming to the Eufy RoboVac G30 Edge, on sale for $229.99 through Oct. 27 in an early Black Friday deal. Let's face it, vacuuming is a chore, and one that most people could live without. If you have kids, pets, or a messy roommate, it's likely that there are always crumbs or dirt on the ground. Coming home after a long day of work to sparkling clean floors sounds pretty dreamy, so why not get a robot vacuum? With a robot vacuum, you can delegate all the floor cleaning to a smart little device.

5 Robot Vacuums That Can Clean Your Home When You're Not Even There

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The humble vacuum cleaner has come a long way over the past few years. Gone are the days when you had to carve out 30 minutes or more per week to keep those carpets clean. These days, your vacuum can clean the house for you -- meaning you can leave, and come home to a totally clean home. There are a number of smart robotic vacuums out there, and while they all do basically the same thing, there are a few key differences that might make one product better than another for your uses. Apart from the obvious -- like the fact that you want a robotic vacuum to be relatively good at cleaning, you'll also want to consider how the vacuum is controlled.

Get this Eufy robot vacuum for only $99 in Walmart's Black Friday event


Take the chore out of vacuuming with the Eufy RoboVac 25C WiFi connected robot vacuum, on sale for $99 as of Nov. 5. The holidays are quickly approaching, and that means more cooking, more decorating, and (unfortunately) more cleaning. But cleaning doesn't have to be such a drag -- robot vacuums will take a lot of work off your plate, since they can clean the floors in your entire home at the push of a button. It's a good thing that Black Friday came early this year at Walmart, since you can grab the Eufy RoboVac for only $99 as part of their Black Friday Deals for Days sale. With this 60% savings, you can get a head start on holiday cleaning before the mess gets out of hand -- all for a low price.