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KEYNOTE: Cognitive Analytics - Beyond Information Mining to Insight Mining from Big Data Transforming Data with Intelligence


Kirk will describe cognitive analytics in the context of the cognitive organization that learns, gains actionable insights, discovers next-best move, innovates, and creates value from streaming big data and edge analytics via ubiquitous data sources in the IoT-enriched world. He will also present an Analytics Roadmap for the IoT-enabled Cognitive Organization.

Digging Deep: How Artificial Intelligence Can Revolutionize Mining


The deployment of artificial intelligence (AI) in mining is enabling companies to improve their efficiency and productivity, which is crucial to their profitability. The mining industry is pivotal to the world's economy. The mining industry's top companies had a total revenue of approximately 683 billion U.S. dollars in 2018. Implementation of AI in mining activities can help push the industry even further forward by reducing the operating costs and simplifying the mining processes. A majority of mining companies still depend on traditional mining practices.

How a Data Mining Giant Got Me Wrong

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On the positive side, there are indications Acxiom doesn't engage in racial profiling: The company predicts I have a 13.6 percent probability of interest in regularly going to a bar. I asked Hargreaves, the professor, if this seemed a statistically reasonable estimate for an Irish journalist. After she stopped laughing, Hargreaves said accurate predictions hinged on the raw data on which the profile is based.

Top 15 Data Mining Softwares and Data Mining Tools for Business


Can you say which issues can generally be resolved by data mining? Data mining is an extremely important issue and it is used to validate and list information from the system or organizations' large volumes of data. It can be defined by data mining outcomes, how the data flows, and what the process is. Across fields such as retail, logistics, artificial intelligence (AI), government intelligence (GI), or marketing, data mining is commonly used. Leading generation software are available for many sectors exist: technology, e-commerce, hospitals, energy, and the study of biological evidence, police services, retail industry, knowledge management systems, education, and selling.

Uranium Mining's Past Colors Mount Taylor Mine's Future

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Lowery shared her experience with the New Mexico Mining Commission at a two-day hearing May 7-8 in Santa Fe. Petitioners Multicultural Alliance for a Safe Environment and Amigos Bravos challenged a permit signed Dec. 29 by the director of the New Mexico Mining and Minerals Division, allowing the Mount Taylor Mine to emerge from standby status. The groups contend that Rio Grande Resources, owner of the mine, has postponed cleanup by obtaining permits allowing it to remain on standby for two decades.