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Trump Signs Executive Order That Will Effectively Ban Use Of TikTok In the U.S.

NPR Technology

President Trump speaks during a briefing with reporters at the White House on Monday. President Trump speaks during a briefing with reporters at the White House on Monday. President Trump on Thursday invoked his emergency economic powers to impose broad sanctions against TikTok, a move that was expected but ratchets up pressure on the Chinese-owned app to sell its U.S. assets to an American company. In the order, which takes effect in 45 days, any business transactions between TikTok's parent company, ByteDance, and U.S. citizens will be outlawed for national security reasons. In practice, experts told NPR the order likely will mean the viral video service could no longer receive advertising from American companies and the app could be removed from Apple and Google's app stores.

Trump Touts 'Fantastic' TikTok Deal With Walmart And Oracle

International Business Times

President Donald Trump said Saturday he had approved a deal allowing Silicon Valley giant Oracle to become the data partner for TikTok to avert a shutdown of the massively popular Chinese-owned video app that Washington has called a security risk. The deal, announced by the companies, also includes Walmart as a commercial partner and would create a new US company named TikTok Global. "I think it's going to be a fantastic deal," Trump said. "I have given the deal my blessing. If they get it done that's great, if they don't that's okay too."

TikTok launches legal action against Trump over ban

BBC News

Chinese video app TikTok is taking legal action to challenge a ban imposed by US President Donald Trump. Mr Trump's executive order prohibits transactions with TikTok's owner ByteDance from mid-September. Officials in Washington are concerned that the company could pass data on American users to the Chinese government, something ByteDance has denied doing. The short video-sharing app has 80 million active US users. TikTok says it has tried to engage with the Mr Trump's administration for nearly a year but has encountered a lack of due process and an administration that pays "no attention to facts".

Trump backs proposed deal to keep TikTok operating in U.S.

The Japan Times

New York – U.S. President Donald Trump said Saturday he's given his "blessing" to a proposed deal that would see the popular video-sharing app TikTok partner with Oracle and Walmart and form a U.S. company. Trump has targeted Chinese-owned TikTok for national security and data privacy concerns in the latest flash point in the rising tensions between Washington and Beijing. The president's support for a deal comes just a day after the Commerce Department announced restrictions that if put in place could eventually make it nearly impossible for TikTok's legions of younger fans to use the app. Trump said if completed the deal would create a new company likely to be based in Texas. "I have given the deal my blessing," he said. "If they get it done, that's great.

TikTok and WeChat ban: How will the move affect users of the apps?

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The battle between President Trump and Chinese-owned mobile apps TikTok and WeChat reached an inflection point Friday with the Commerce Department announcing that the platforms will be banned from app stores in the U.S. starting Sunday. That means, if you haven't downloaded the music video app TikTok or communications platform WeChat by then, you won't be able to find the apps online for download. Effective Sept. 20, the government is blocking WeChat's ability to facilitate fund transfers and payment processing in the U.S. So you won't be able to send money to a friend's account or WeChat wallet. The move also stops other companies from updating the app, maintaining the app and supporting the app's code in other software or services.