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Can Tech Giants Work Together Against Their Common Enemies?

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Facebook, Twitter and Google squabble for users, engineers and advertiser money, but when it comes to security threats, elections meddling and other common enemies, it makes sense for these tech giants to work together.

'We Don't See the Enemy': Concealed Jihadists Slow IS Defeat

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The campaign has stalled to allow for the evacuation of large numbers of people, many of them wives and children of IS fighters. The SDF has evacuated thousands of people from the enclave, adding to the tens of thousands who have crossed out of the diminishing IS territory in the last few months.

Ex-Bodyguard Says Enemies Created Crisis to Get at Macron

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"My case has been used to settle scores, it's taken on proportions... I won't say I was the fall-guy, I'm just saying it served various interests, an interest to get at the president of the republic," Benalla said.

South Korea Defense Report Doesn't Refer to North as Enemy

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The document publicized the 14 kinds of ballistic missiles that it said the North possesses or is developing, including ICBMs that the country test-launched last year. The document said the ICBM tests haven't proved whether North Korea has overcome a major remaining technological barrier and now has the ability to strike the U.S. mainland with missiles.

Why News Organizations Can't Go It Alone

The Atlantic - Technology

How I tire of journalists asking whether and how technology is bad for society, forever starting with what could go wrong, hunting for blame. No. Can technology help save democracy? These are the wrong questions. We, the people--and we, the media--are hurting democracy. It is in our hands to save it if we still can.