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10 Artificial Intelligence Tools for Marketing and Why to Use Them


Recent years have witnessed a surge in the use of artificial intelligence technology as a powerful tool to gather and analyze data, improve business operations, and create a better overall user experience. The growing popularity of AI solutions has been largely embraced in the marketing industry, as well, helping marketers and their clients optimize campaigns, boost customer engagement, and develop a unique, personalized approach to customers. Artificial intelligence tools for marketing can help businesses and brands on a large scale, no matter their size or the branch. Here are the top ten tools as an example of how to use AI technology to improve conversion and boost your revenues. Successful online reputation management demands the quickest possible response to a negative comment, review, or any other online user issue.

Significant ways AI can help Startups in Market Research Strategies


In the present technologically progressed world, we witness the development of new businesses more often than ever before. Young entrepreneurs join hands and begin shoestring tasks with external funding to achieve an innovative change in modern society. When you intend to develop your startup, a few things should get encountered – from employing the right team to your product design. One necessary part of any business's prosperity, regardless of small or large, is Advanced Digital Marketing, i.e., marketing or advertising your services or products on the internet to attract an audience. Regardless of how perfect your final product is, it will not endure long without advertising and marketing, and this is the place where digital marketing goes to the cutting edge.

Council Post: Four Ways Artificial Intelligence Can Help Your Small Business


The 21st century has brought many incredible new technologies that were once dreamed about in old sci-fi epics, and even some technologies we never saw coming. However, artificial intelligence -- sometimes called machine intelligence or just AI -- is proving to be one of the most disruptive of all. It's already being applied by businesses across the globe in a variety of ways, from automating a portion of customer communications to determining product/market fit. A survey of CEOs from small and medium-sized businesses conducted by executive coaching company Vistage found that AI is quickly becoming an important part of business processes. In the survey, 29.5% of leaders said that of new technologies, AI will have the greatest impact on their business in the next year.

Artificial Intelligence In Content Marketing (2020 & Beyond)


Artificial intelligence and its subsets have been revolutionizing the business and marketing landscape for quite some time. Still, there's a new frontier that this advanced technology is yet to conquer completely – content marketing. Certain AI algorithms have become terrifyingly good at generating plausible stories, to the extent that Open AI initially decided not to release its GPT-2 publicly out of fear that it could be potentially misused. However, although these articles written by a machine are coherent and engaging thanks to massive amounts of data fed to these algorithms, lack of genuine critical thinking and creativity renders AI inferior in comparison with human writers. But, while this means that you can't rely on an AI tool to come up and generate entire blog posts, your content marketing can tremendously benefit from implementing this technology.

6 Ways Top Influencers Are Implementing AI and Machine Learning to Grow Their Followers


With over 31.25 million Facebook posts per minute, 6000 tweets per second and 95 million Instagram posts every day, it's genuinely commendable how top social media influencers can work their way through big data analytics and present relevant and timely content to their respective industries. Whether they focus on tech, fashion, fitness, business or beauty, influencers are continually learning and improving to stay ahead of their competition. With sufficient exposure to AI and machine learning solutions created to help social media marketing, you can also increase your social media conversion rates. John McCarthy, one of the early pioneers in the field of AI, defined artificial intelligence as "the science of making machines that can perform tasks that are characteristic of human intelligence." These tasks may include understanding language, translating content between languages, recognizing elements in images and speech or making decisions.