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MarTech Landscape: What is predictive advertising?


Predictive advertising is yet another area of marketing that is evolving rapidly thanks to the massive strides in the strain of artificial intelligence called machine learning and wide access to large sets of digital data. In this installment of our MarTech Landscape series, we look at how predictive advertising works and how it's commonly applied. Predictive advertising is a subset of predictive analytics, also covered in our MarTech Landscape series. Predictive analytics uses machine learning to predict future outcomes based on behavioral patterns seen in historical data. Those predictions can be used for any number of purposes: understanding who is likely to pay off a loan, prioritizing leads most likely to close and so on.

Three key ways predictive analytics can improve social performance


AI is gaining significant readership. Businesses of all sizes, all over the world, are becoming conscious of the rise in AI in the marketing field. Put simply, every single business needs the same thing: getting clients. Reach an audience, the right one, and sell. All executives know that to be profitable companies need to sell – but over the last few years they are facing a continual decrease in their ROI.

Artificial Intelligence Will Help Brands Align With Influencers


Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are using predictive algorithms to determine a ... [ ] customer's lifecycle in social media One of the biggest challenges brands face today when utilizing social media is finding the right influencer to align with – and while a "wrong" choice likely won't hurt a brand in most cases, it could be more of a wasted effort. However, in a worst case scenario working with the wrong influencer can have a detrimental impact on a brand. According to a survey conducted by Salesforce Research last year, 92% of consumers surveyed report that trusting a brand makes them more likely to buy products and services. In addition, nearly a third – 32% – of consumers also said that the influencer's core values should also align with that of the consumer's. While human marketing teams can comb through the social media feeds of influencers for past posts to judge appropriateness as well as effectiveness, which can be a time consuming endeavor, and could still miss something important.

Building & Understanding Predictive Maintenance Solutions for the Aerospace Industry


This post is by Rahee Ghosh, a Program Manager in the Data Group at Microsoft. We are pleased to announce the availability of new resources on GitHub to help businesses in the aerospace industry better understand their opportunities to benefit from advanced analytics solutions for predictive maintenance. These predictive maintenance solutions, creating using the Cortana Intelligence Suite, allow businesses to maximize the utilization and performance of their assets, avoid unscheduled downtime and gain a competitive edge. Our previous work in the predictive maintenance space is discussed in this blog post. The new material builds on our earlier work and provides both business and technical audiences with what they need to start gaining real business improvements by using their data.

Marketing in the moment: Engaging with modern consumers - ClickZ


Pushing more ads is not the answer; marketers need to get smarter about their approach to deliver personalized experiences at scale. The right AI technology can make the difference, but what should marketers be looking for in solutions aimed to optimize customer experience? Content produced in association with [24] With an increasing percentage of the global population online and mobile devices bringing connectivity to evermore contexts, marketers have ample opportunity to reach their target audience. Moreover, the data created by consumers can be captured and processed to fuel sophisticated targeting technologies, creating the possibility of tailoring our message to each individual.