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Turns out Twitter with 280 characters is at least good for one thing: Playing 'Tetris'


Thanks to Twitter's decision to give every user the ability to tweet with up to 280 characters, we now have twice the amount of bullshit to parse through as we scroll through our feeds. But it's not all bad; 280 Twitter gave us one thing worth celebrating: Tetris. There's a new Twitter account called Play Tetris that utilizes the expanded character limit to allow people to play a very slow, crowd-sourced version of Tetris right on Twitter. The account takes all the suggestions for actions tweeted at it and performs the most requested action after three minutes. SEE ALSO: Twitter's 280-character limit is exactly what tweets didn't need You can scroll through the account's replies to see the game's progress.

Can't Stop Worrying? Try Tetris To Ease Your Mind

NPR Technology

Tetris and other absorbing brain games can get you into a "flow" state that relieves stress. Tetris and other absorbing brain games can get you into a "flow" state that relieves stress. If you've ever played Tetris -- whether it was at an old-school Gameboy, or just on your iPhone -- then you know: It's 8-bit enchantment. "Years of my life were lost disappearing into a game of Tetris on my Nintendo system," says Kate Sweeny, a psychologist at the University of California, Riverside. But maybe the hours she spent lining those little blocks ("tetriminos") into perfect rows of 10 weren't a total waste.

Twitter's 280-Character Limit Is Forcing Users to Be Creative All Over Again (Kinda)


Not since the advent of non-chronological timelines has a change to Twitter caused such distress. Back in September, Twitter announced that it would be increasing the number of characters people could tweet from 140 to 280. Some favored the ability to say more, but most just thought changing the well-worn tweet size, and the forced brevity it caused, ruined the very thing that made Twitter charming in the first place. It was fixing something that wasn't broken. And now, this week, as the Grand Embiggenment has expanded outward from its initial beta users, more and more people have been celebrating--or rueing--their newfound #280characters status.

Twitter to roll out 280 character tweets to everyone

Daily Mail - Science & tech

Last month, Twitter began testing doubling the character limit of tweets with some accounts - garnering strong reactions from Twitter users. Now, Twitter's trial of a 280-character limit is to be expanded to users globally, the social media site has announced. The expanded character limit is part of plans to make the social media platform more accessible and appealing, with Twitter looking to increase revenue and entice new users as it battles the likes of Facebook and Snapchat for popularity. Twitter co-founder Biz Stone tweeted: 'In addition to more Tweeting, people who had 280 characters received more Likes, Retweets, @mentions, Followers, and were more satisfied with Twitter. So, you'll be getting 280 too--enjoy!' Twitter users: "Stop Trump from spewing hate on Twitter."


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Twitter's decision to double its character limit to 280 has not been received with universal acclaim. Now that we have 280 character tweets I'm just going to quote song lyrics at length, like MSN Messenger screen names circa 2003 Oh wow you guys it seems I'm one of the small group of users to get the 280 character Twitter expansion this is just so exciting and will let me tweet much more complex thoughts and hilarious jokes so let me start by thanking Jack Dorsey and Twitter for enabling me to better shar Super excited about the move to 280 characters! Now we'll get 280 character death threats instead of 140 character death threats. Twitter users: Stop racists, stop hate crime, stop bots, we want a chronological timeline and an edit function… Twitter: 280 characters!