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Why the internet causes 1 in 3 young people to abstain from making love

Daily Mail - Science & tech

With the rise of online dating, it has never been easier for the younger generation to find love. But it seems the new technology is actually having the opposite effect. Those aged between 16 and 21 have become so absorbed in the internet they are having less sex than earlier generations, a major study has found. And one in three are abstaining from sex altogether. The findings reveal a different side to the rising popularity of dating apps and changing attitudes to sex.

Facebook hits 20Gbps in testing for internet drone data transmission


Facebook has succeeded in transmitting data at almost 20Gbps between two towers in Southern California in tests of a technology key to its plans to deliver internet service to rural areas using drones. The tests were conducted earlier this year and made use of frequencies in the so-called E-band, a group of millimeter wave frequencies between 60 and 90GHz. Such signals are capable of high-bandwidth data transmission but are susceptible to attenuation from distance, weather, and obstacles, so they are typically used for short-range, point-to-point transmissions. Facebook used a 60-centimeter dish to send data over a 13-kilometer link between Malibu and Woodland Hills. That test initially shot data at between 100Mbps and 3Gbps and allowed engineers to collect transmission data on clear days and during clouds, fog, high winds, and rain, Facebook said in a Thursday blog post.

WhatsApp, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and more down in Turkey in apparent internet ban

The Independent - Tech

Much of the internet appears to have gone down in Turkey. People in the country are having problems accessing much of the internet's biggest websites and services, including Facebook, WhatsApp, YouTube, Twitter and more. The website Down Detector confirmed problems in the country, particularly in the west. Some have reported that the sites are simply slow, but that it is still possible to access them. Others say they are down entirely.

Internet outage takes down Twitter, Netflix, PayPal and many of the web's most visited websites

The Independent - Tech

An ongoing internet outage appears to be spreading and taking down many of the world's biggest websites. Companies including Twitter, Netflix, PayPal and eBay appeared to have their websites broken. And other services like PlayStation Network appeared to be hit by the outage. Almost every major service that isn't part of a major internet provider seemed to be having issues. As such, Google and Facebook appeared to stay up – but almost everything else was down, according to Down Detector's dashboard.

Facebook turns to artificial intelligence to help prevent suicides


Facebook is using a combination of pattern recognition, live chat support from crisis support organizations and other tools to prevent suicide, with a focus on its Live service. There is one death by suicide every 40 seconds and over 800,000 people kill themselves every year, according to the World Health Organization. "Facebook is in a unique position--through friendships on the site--to help connect a person in distress with people who can support them," the company said Wednesday. The move by Facebook appears to aim to prevent the live-streaming of suicides on the Live platform, which was launched in April last year, and allows people, public figures and pages to share live videos with friends and followers. The company said that its suicide prevention tools for Facebook posts will now be integrated into Live, giving people watching a live video the option to reach out to the person directly and to report the video to the company.