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Predictive maintenance vs preventative maintenance: We have the framework to help you choose


Predictive maintenance is a bit ahead in the hype cycle, having past its peak. Now is the time for it to slowly penetrate business. However most executives are not clear on difference of predictive maintenance from the preventative maintenance they have been conducting for years so it would be great to start off with the definitions. Predictive maintenance: Perform maintenance when you predict that issues will arise. Keeps maintenance costs minimum since maintenance will only be completed when predicted and maintenance will be planned preventing urgent resource allocation inefficiencies.

10 Myths Surrounding Predictive Maintenance


When managing the maintenance practices for a facility it's important to understand the different approaches and the benefits of each. At the core, maintenance styles can be classified into a few different categories. Some of the most common approaches include reactive maintenance and preventative maintenance. You may already be familiar with those or even practicing them yourself, but there are more efficient styles quickly gaining traction. Predictive maintenance (PdM) is defined as maintenance practices designed to help determine the condition of in-service equipment in order to predict when maintenance should be performed rather than on a preset schedule (preventative).

PwC uses predictive maintenance to help clients avoid costly delays and cancellations


For aviation companies, delays and cancellations are a huge and expensive problem. Up to 30% of the total delay time is due to unplanned maintenance. PwC uses advanced analytics to rationalise, predict and streamline maintenance, helping aviation clients increase maintenance efficiency, improve the health of their fleet, and reduce delays and cancellations. This predictive maintenance approach can also help improve areas like supply chain optimisation, inventory allocation and planning, aircraft reliability improvement and operation and schedule planning. Predictive maintenance can also be applied to other sectors such as railway, automotive, power and utilities.

'I'm owed £9,000 in child maintenance'

BBC News

Laura Riley has a 10-year-old son, Louis, and has been chasing child maintenance payments for nine years. She says she is owed more than £9,000, but has been unable to get any money from her son's dad. Across the UK, there is a backlog of more than £3.8bn in uncollected child maintenance payments, with figures showing about 1.2 million people are owed money.