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There are a myriad of cloud computing tools out there, but when it comes to mastering one that pays the bills, you'd be hard-pressed to find a tool more profitable than Microsoft Azure. In fact, salary survey sites report that Azure architects earn in the $130,000-$170,000 range. So, if you want to advance to a higher pay-grade, learning Azure is a smart move, and the Microsoft Azure Mastery Bundle can help you with 27 hours of training.

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If you're like most, security is at the forefront of your mind for your organization. You need the right tools and the right team to keep up with the balance of increasing number of sophisticated threats and with security teams being inundated with requests and alerts. Today I'd like to tell you about Microsoft's reimagined SIEM tool Azure Sentinel. Over the past 10 to 15 years, Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) has become extremely popular as an aggregation solution for security and events that happen in our network. There are also software tools, hardware appliances and managed service providers that can help support your corporate needs to better understand the level of risks in real-time and over a span of time.

Announcing Azure Monitor AIOps Alerts with Dynamic Thresholds


We are happy to announce that Metric Alerts with Dynamic Thresholds is now available in public preview. Dynamic Thresholds are a significant enhancement to Azure Monitor Metric Alerts. With Dynamic Thresholds you no longer need to manually identify and set thresholds for alerts. The alert rule leverages advanced machine learning (ML) capabilities to learn metrics' historical behavior, while identifying patterns and anomalies that indicate possible service issues. Metric Alerts with Dynamic Thresholds are supported through a simple Azure portal experience, as well as provides support for Azure workloads operations at scale by allowing users to configure alert rules through an Azure Resource Manager (ARM) API in a fully automated manner.

Dell EMC Brings the Tactical Azure Stack to the Edge - SDxCentral


Dell EMC launched a ruggedized, field-deployable platform for Microsoft Azure Stack, unlocking new applications for government, military, energy, and mining. This is just one of Microsoft's new cloud and edge capabilities that it announced today for its U.S. government customers. Azure Stack is Microsoft's hybrid cloud platform that brings the Azure cloud into an organization's data center. Dell EMC already offers a hybrid cloud platform based on the Azure Stack that it launched in May 2017. The Dell EMC Cloud for Microsoft Azure Stack allows companies to quickly deploy and manage applications across Azure public clouds and on-premises private clouds.

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With ADAPA in the Microsoft Cloud, you benefit from the power of Zementis' real-time PMML-based scoring engine and the trusted performance and reliability of Microsoft's Azure Cloud. This is the same engine that Zementis' customer use on-site. The only difference is that instead of installing ADAPA on your own servers, ADAPA in the Microsoft Cloud comes pre-installed on a virtual server in the cloud. We call this an "ADAPA instance". When an ADAPA instance is launched in the cloud, it is ready for your organization to use to support its predictive analytics needs.