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Lime puts $3 million toward promoting e-scooter safety


E-scooter companies have faced plenty of criticism for allegedly doing too little to foster safety (not to mention basic respect for the law) among riders, and Lime appears to be tackling this issue head-on. It's launching a $3 million "Respect the Ride" campaign to both promote safety and educate customers. The initiative will venture beyond existing efforts, such as safer scooters and a safety ambassador program, to include "multi-channel" ads asking riders to wear helmets, park properly and honor local laws. There's a new Head of Trust and Safety to manage the company's strategy, and there will be a summit to discuss safety and policies with key partners and governments. Lime is also relying on another, simpler tactic to promote safety: it's offering freebies.

The Next Frontier of Worker Safety: Psychological Safety - HRD


We have mostly focused our efforts on ensuring the physical safety of our employees, but what about their psychological safety? According to Gallup data on psychological safety, only 3 in 10 U.S. workers strongly agree that their opinions seem to count. This data from Gallup also suggested that doubling this number could mean organizations see "27% reduction in turnover, a 40% reduction in safety incidents and a 12% increase in productivity". The reality is we want a majority of our employees to strongly agree that not only are their opinions heard and valued; but that the way they see the world will be digested with respect and a curiosity for understanding a variety of perspectives. The last thing an organization wants is to be legally and financially-responsible for a worker death or worker injury due to unsafe work conditions or some other form of negligence.

OpenAI Open Sources Safety Gym to Improve Safety in Reinforcement Learning Agents


Safety is one of the emerging concerns in deep learning systems. In the context of deep learning systems, safety is related to building agents that respect safety dynamics in a given environment. In many cases such as supervised learning, safety is modeled as part of the training datasets. However, other methods such as reinforcement learning require agents to master the dynamics of the environments by experimenting with it which introduces its own set of safety concerns. To address some of these challenges, OpenAI has recently open sourced Safety Gym, a suite of environments and tools for measuring progress towards reinforcement learning agents that respect safety constraints while training.

Churches Get Tips on Dealing With Gunman, Safety Issues

U.S. News

Army veteran Reid Crosby participated in the training with the hope of forming a safety and security committee at Harrold Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church in Hempfield. He would like his church to take beginning steps of forming a medical team and a security team authorized to use non-lethal measures.

Officers threaten to boycott 49er games, chief vows safety

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The Santa Clara police chief has vowed to continue providing a safe environment at San Francisco home games after the union representing his officers threatened to boycott policing the stadium if the 49ers don't discipline Colin Kaepernick for criticizing police and refusing to stand during the national anthem.