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Schools cutting posts amid 'funding catastrophe'

BBC News

The crisis of school funding in England is turning into a catastrophe, the largest teaching union has said. Kevin Courtney, general secretary of the National Education Union, said schools were not absorbing budget cuts, instead many were cutting posts and increasing class sizes. He highlighted research with his union suggesting many schools were covering classes with teaching assistants. The government said core school funding was rising to £43.5bn by 2020. Mr Courtney said: "Schools minister Nick Gibb would have us believe that schools have absorbed the cuts.

Venture Scanner: AI Sector Maturing As Funding Shifts to Later Stage


Last quarter we saw that Artificial Intelligence (AI) funding grew exponentially in 2017. This quarter we are going one level deeper on our AI research platform to examine its funding by round. From our analysis we can conclude that the AI sector is maturing. We'll explain these takeaways with some graphics that show AI funding activity by round. To help set the stage, the graphic below illustrates AI funding amount over time.

Heads warn MPs of 'extremely bleak' funding problems

BBC News

Hundreds of head teachers in West Sussex have written to MPs warning that the government's funding shake-up has failed to tackle "extremely bleak" budget shortfalls. They have written to all their local MPs asking how they should cut spending - whether they should lay off teaching staff, reduce school hours or close counselling services. The government last month launched a new funding formula for England's schools to tackle "unfair" and "inconsistent" funding levels. But about 300 head teachers, representing almost every state school in the authority, have written to local MPs and to parents to say that the overhaul has not resolved budget shortages. "The proposals made under the new national funding formula do not provide a meaningful remedy," the head teachers have told MPs.

All schools 'to face funding gap by 2020'

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Every school in England will see budget cuts before 2020, even after new funding plans are put into place, research suggests. The Education Policy Institute analysis looks at the impact of the new national funding formula against the backdrop of financial pressures in schools. It finds even schools benefiting from the funding shake-up will see their gains wiped out by budget pressures. The government insists schools funding is at a record £40bn level. But the EPI estimates that average losses will reach £74,000 for primary schools and £291,000 for secondary schools by 2019-20.

Head resigns over school funding crisis

BBC News

A head teacher has resigned in protest over the school funding crisis, telling parents she had not gone into teaching to cut the number of teachers or increase class sizes. Mary Sandell, head of the Forest School in Winnersh, Berkshire, has written to parents about "bleak" funding problems. Head teachers across England have been warning of budget shortages - with threats of cutting school hours. The Department for Education has said schools have record levels of funding. In a letter sent to parents, the secondary school head teacher warned of the worsening impact of a lack of funds.