#IJCAI2019 in tweets – tutorials and workshops


The first two days at IJCAI (International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence) in Macau were focussed on workshops and tutorials. First demo at #ijcai2019: grad students are still superior to robots at reception desks pic.twitter.com/49beH9qBcl

#IJCAI2019 main conference in tweets – day 2


Like yesterday, we bring you the best tweets covering major talks and events at IJCAI 2019. Follow the invited talk by @MichelaMilano1 at @IJCAIconf "Empirical Model Learning: merging knowledge-based and data-driven decision models through machine learning" https://t.co/FA7gR0105H Interesting idea to use deep forest ensembles as alternative to deep neural networks. Introducing the #AIglassbox: @RecklessCoding presents our paper at #ijcai2019. This takes place in 10 minutes!

#IJCAI in tweets – tutorials and workshops day 2


Here's our daily update in tweets, live from IJCAI (International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence) in Macau. Like yesterday, we'll be covering tutorials and workshops. Now attending the #tutorial "Argumentation and Machine Learning: When the Whole is Greater than the Sum of its Parts" by @CeruttiFederico, & learning about #ML mechanisms that create, annotate, analyze & evaluate arguments expressed in natural language.#AI Now: "Dialogues with Socially Aware Robot Agents – Knowledge & Reasoning using Natural Language," an invited #IJCAI2019 talk by Prof. Kristiina Jokinen Her start: "The quality of #intelligence possessed by humans and #AI is fundamentally different."#Bridging2019 On his second slide: #AGI "needs fresh methods with cognitive architectures and philosophy of mind."#AI

AAAI Fellows Nominations Solicited

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The 2003 Fellows Selection Committee is currently accepting nominations for AAAI Fellow. The AAAI Fellows program is designed to recognize people who have made significant, sustained contributions to the field of artificial intelligence over at least a ten-year period. All regular members in good standing are encouraged to consider nominating a candidate. Two references must accompany nominations. The nominator or one of the references must be a AAAI Fellow who is a current member of AAAI.